39 Restrictions on Your Thai Work Permit You should Know

39 Restrictions on Your Thai Work Permit You should Know

39 Restrictions on Your Thai Work Permit You should Know

The prohibited businesses for foreigners in Thailand are as follows. If your intended falls under any of these you will not be eligible for Thai work permit.

1. “Labor work except for labor work in fishing boats (under the next category below)

2. Making rice paper by hand

3. Agriculture, animal husbandry, forestry or fishery, except work requiring specialized knowledge, farm supervision, or labor work in fishing boats, particularly marine fishery

4. Supervising, auditing, or giving service in accountancy, except occasional internal auditing

5. Bricklaying, carpentry, or other construction works

6. Woodcarving

7. Driving motor vehicles or vehicles which do not use machinery or mechanical devices, except international aircraft piloting

8. Shop attendance

9. Auction

10. Cutting or polishing jewelry

11. Haircutting, hairdressing, or beauty treatment

12. Weaving or making of mats or products from reed, rattan, hemp, straw, or bamboo pellicle

13. Lacquerware making

14. Making Thai musical instruments

15. Nielloware making

16. Goldsmith, silversmith, or gold-and-copper alloy smith work

17. Stonework

18. Cloth weaving by hand

19. Making Thai dolls

20. Making mattresses or quilt blanket

21. Making alms bowls

22. Making silk products by hand

23. Creating Buddha images

24. Knifemaking

25. Making paper or cloth umbrellas

26. Making shoes

27. Making Hats

28. Brokerage or agency except in international trading

29. Professional civil engineering concerning design and calculation, systemization, analysis, planning, testing, construction supervision, or consulting services, excluding work requiring specialized techniques

30. Professional architectural work concerning design, drawing-making, cost estimation, construction direction or consulting services

31. Dressmaking

32. Pottery

33. Cigarette rolling by hand

34. Tour guiding or conducting

35. Hawking of goods

36. Thai typesetting by hand

37. Unwinding and twisting silk by hand

38. Clerical or secretarial work

39. Providing legal services or engaging in legal work (except arbitration works and work relating to the defense of cases at arbitration level, provided the law governing the dispute under consideration by the arbitrators is not Thai law).”

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