Colonel Araya Jittjang – Leader of ‘THAI ARMY WIVES ASSOCIATION’

Let’s Siamscope introduces you Colonel Araya Jittjang, a wife of Lieutenant general Surajai Jittjan, and the Leader of  ‘THAI ARMY WIVES ASSOCIATION’ She takes us througth her work, family and personal life by this humble interview.. We believe her ways of life and work can be taken and adapt for all…

Colonel Araya Jittjang – Leader of  ‘THAI ARMY WIVES ASSOCIATION’

Could you introduce yourself to the reader, please?

I am the wife of  general Surajai Jittjang since 30 years ago. He is the most loving man of my life..

I have two children, 1 daughter and 1 son.
For my daughter, she received the scholarship from National Science and Technology Development Agency to study master degree in international program, having cooperation among Thammasat university, Tokyo institute of technology and National Science and Technology Development Agency itself. Right now, she is studying master degree in school of environmental engineering.

For my son, he studies bachelor degree in the Faculty of Allied Health Science at Thammasat university. He is about to graduate.

How is your past education supports your job? 

I graduated from The thai red cross college of nursing and from the faculty of nursing at Mahidol university. And I was government official at Army medical Department for 33 years. At present, I have already retired.

As I graduated from nursing, this facilitates me to be able to work successfully according to policy of Thai Army Wives Association which consists of five major projects:

  • Disability children including their family assistance project

As I have knowledge in nursing science, I am able to know the condition of patients in physical, emotional, mental condition including social, surrounding environment. This is the reason why I am capable of planning and drafting the policy to assist in order to satisfy the patients’ need effectively.

  • Nursery child development center project

I am capable of planning and drafting the policy to take care nursery children effectively according to health science and child nutrition science.

This project is considered as very important project due to best quality of children life today, the best quality of adult life in the future. Children that have good physical and mental health would grow to be efficient adults in the future.  Our country would have effective human resources helping to develop the country.

  • For the rest of three projects, there will be environmental project, products to promote army wives career project and knowledge center project.

By which, these three projects, I need to take an effort to take care them based on my working experience as the leader in several positions for my whole life.

In social network, they named me as first class of expert knowing everything about life. And I have duty on planning, drafting several policies to several sectors. I am able to perform my duty effectively and my actions are beneficial to army sectors as well.

Is having 2 big responsibilities effect your time spending with family?

Since I have no regular work right now, I have already retired; I have only the work in the position as the head of Army Wives Association which is very honorable position.

This work is considered as volunteer work and capable to promote our army family to have better life. To see our army family be happy, I feel happy also.

Anyway, every member in my family, all of them have their own tasks, have their own duties so that we have less chance to meet each other. Although we have less chance to meet each other, we all understand this situation well; we all need to have responsibility on our duties. My husband and I as their parents always instruct our children by let them perceive from our actions on taking responsibility to the duty that we belong to. This encourages them to realize and take responsibility to perform their duties.

However, I need to tell the truth that I feel really tired in someday as I am no more a young person. But when I feel no more tired, I am able to cheer up myself to be able to fight with work again and again. I am able to fight because in order to succeed my goal, I intend to see everyone in army families be happy. Therefore, our army society would have higher potential to dedicate to work for our country.

How’s your family support you?

Family also plays important role to support the work. My husband always encourages, cheer up me and also give suggestions whenever I have problems. Moreover, my children always understand me about my work. They always said that their mom is such a very active person, always working not acting like normal elderly people.

How do you divide time between family and personal life?

Since this work does not make me busy everyday so that I am able to manage the time for my family and for exercise to take care my own health.

Anyways, I am able to take care my health effectively only when I have free time. On someday, I need to tell the truth that sometime I think about the work and forget to sleep. And in the next day I get sick.

Colonel Araya Jittjang – Leader of  ‘THAI ARMY WIVES ASSOCIATION’

How’s your job related/ support the community?

As I just mention above, this work position is able to help society a lot. In case we always keep in our mind that whenever we have any chances to do any work and we try our best and dedicate time to perform that work, we will feel more proud with ourselves and happier at least we are able to do whatever that is beneficial to society.

This quote always teaches my army wife juniors. The reason I teach my juniors with this quote is that my junior need to grow up and help working for society, not for personal benefits including dedicate time to help society as much as they can.

Could you share tips for work and life balance?

I suggest to use Dhamma teaching which are Dana (giveness), Sila (virtue), and ภาวนา wisdom. At least you try to follow 5 percepts everyday so that the problems would not frequently occur.

To have happiness in our life, they consist of:

1) Successful in working and having money to afford our needs

2) Good and warm family, loving and well-understanding each other

3) Good health, And every family members must be good.

– Whenever having problem or having suffering, just doing meditation “อานาปาณสติ” to clarify your mind and accept that suffering and have mindfulness to solve problem. This way allow you to have less suffer from problems.

-Try to keep in your mind that everything are not existed last forever. Once it happens, it will be gone in the future. Also, we are not born to own everything existed in the world. The more we care or focus on the things existed in the world, the more suffering we perceive.

Credit: Siamscope

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