Work Life Balance : Mint-Ardhawadee Jiramaneekul

Mint-Ardhawadee Jiramaneekul

Work Life Balance : Mint-Ardhawadee JiramaneekulAlthough Jiramaneekul family owns many businesses including Jewelry business called S.T. Diamond, Top brand watches business called S.T. Dimension and Estate business both mansion and houses for rent, “Khun Sutin Jiramaneekul” a great business man and father has never forced his children to continue his businesses or defined his children’s future paths. Instead, he has given the freedom to choose their own paths, like Khun Mint who is the oldest daughter of the family.

She has answered our questions with comfortable, clear and confident tone as she is such a typical confident girl we, Siam Scope, are looking for and passing on to our readers.

Is working in PR department at Minor International group your first office job?

PR at Minor Group is not my first office job as I used to work for another PR Company and advertisement agency.

Work Life Balance : Mint-Ardhawadee JiramaneekulWhy do you choose to work in this field?

The reason I have chosen this field is that I like to communicate. I think it is a challenging, fun and creative job as I can put my creative idea into it to promote products and brand. Having products in many sectors and brands at Minor even creates fun for me.

If you are talking about Strategy PR and Online Marketing technologies, how much do you think these mentioned parts have played then important role in PR field and if there is any integration?

If talking about strategy in PR and technologies in Online Marketing, both issues are matter in this field. As we are living in disruptive world or disruptive economy, digital and online working is being more important. Most work now have focused more on social media and digital PR than the traditional ones.

Can you tell us about your current responsibilities?

There are two parts of my responsibilities at work now; PR and Corporate Affair or organization business.  First is PR which is the same in cooperate PR or internal PR agency supporting the existing brands. I have been in charge of PR in Minor food and Minor lifestyle cooperating with marketing department in PR strategies and execution. Secondly, I have worked in a section of cooperate affair communicating with external stakeholders, creating relationship and maintaining the company good images.

What is the award that you have posted on your Facebook? Where was it held?

I received the award named The Minor Award of Excellence. It is like the company’s Oscar. The event is held once a year giving out the award to an employee who have done the best in last year KPI and created the good piece of work and difference for the company.

Do you have any tips about PR you want to share to others, students or people who are currently working in this field? As you are such a successful person in this particular field and of course, you are an idol to many people including us, Siam Scope Magazine team.

Tips about PR I want to share is that I want you to look at the bigger picture, deeply understand your products and brand as well as understand target market group. If you don’t look at the bigger picture, you cannot create any content that is interesting or profound enough to the consumers. Nowadays, the consumers don’t need that much information as it is easy for them to find out from their smart phones in just a few minutes. Therefore, the content or the story must be interesting and create some values for the customers.

As for the starter in this field, I suggest you to create your own branding. It is like your personal brand. Moreover, connection both offline and online are important. Knowing a lot of people is the good thing for people working in this field. You must be yourself; not trying to pretend to be what you are not, creating reliability in yourself and keeping your own words or having integrity in your work.

Many people who are not involved in this job may look at it as a pretty job; just talking and chatting. However, the preparation of work, the strategies before work execution, making a contact, writing a news, rewriting a news or concluding final projects such as press-conference, event or press release are all hard works. People who don’t understand will not see how much work we need to prepare. Therefore, we need to keep ourselves updated with fresh news and technology, not just star gossips. We need to do research, read a lot of news about what is going on in our world now in all aspects including politics and technology. Last but not least, we need to give ourselves, others and our works a respect.

Work Life Balance : Mint-Ardhawadee JiramaneekulDo you still get involved in music work? Will you launch any new music soon?

I would love to continue on music but just not now as I have no time at all. Besides, full time job, I have to study. I am now studying E MBA at Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration of Chulalongkorn University.

So, I have limited time. I don’t even have time to rest.

You look so perfect; your face, your hair and your outfit. You have gotten a style and of course, any tip to share? 

Thank you for your compliment about me being perfect. I don’t think I am perfect all the time but I am trying my best.

How do you look at your future in the next 3 years?

In 3 years, I want to have work life balance more. I also want to concentrate on work and create good and beneficial products for our society.

Do you have any Idol?

My idol id my mother as she is a very willful and disciplinary person. She is always quick and serious about what she does. She is also a giver; she always thinks of others before herself.

Finally, if you are talking about this round world, what will you be thinking about?

If we are talking about our world now, I will think of the fast changing world which has been changed by new technology, changing people or consumers’ behaviors. The important thing is we need to find our certain standpoints or point that can make differences. It doesn’t matter how small or big as long as it doesn’t affect our environment. Besides, we need to stay optimistic to keep our minds clam and distressful.


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