2018 All new Yamaha M-Slaz

2018 All new Yamaha M-Slaz

2018 All new Yamaha M-Slaz

This motorcycle will come equipped with a one hundred fifty five cc engine fitted with a variable valve system (VVA), both of which will be the selling points of the Yamaha M-Slaz. It has a top speed of one hundred thirty KMPH. The Yamaha M-Slaz has six gears and is a one cylinder four stroke engine with a fuel tank capacity of 10.2 liters. You can get this motorcycle in the following colors:

Black with white
All black
Red with black
Green with grey

2018 All new Yamaha M-Slaz

2018 All new Yamaha M-Slaz

The standout features of this motorcycle include:

Fuel injection
Impressive ground clearance
It is lightweight
LED lights
USD front forks

Overall it has a width of seven hundred ninety five mm and a length of one thousand nine hundred fifty-five mm with a seat height of eight hundred five mm. Both the rear and front brakes that are hydraulic single disc. In the rear suspension there is a swing arm shock absorber and the front suspension sport a thirty-seven mm USD (upside down ) telescopic forks.
All of the meters are digital on the Yamaha M-Slaz, which include:

Fuel gauge
Trip meter
Low battery indicator

2018 All new Yamaha M-Slaz

2018 All new Yamaha M-Slaz
In the city the gas mileage is approximately 35 kmpl and the highway is 45 kmpl. The real tail light is a cluster of LED tail lights and there is a full LED head light. The Yamaha M-Slaz have ten spoke alloy wheels that are sized seventeen inch with tubeless tires. It has a pillion footrest, with an electric start and engine kill switch.

Yamaha considers this motorcycle the “street fighter of the year” as it has all the latest technologies available in it and is an attractive bike for riders of all ages.

Credit: motors.co.th/ananmoney.com

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