12 zodiacs in Gypsies: The prophecy during 15 Sep – 14 Oct, 2018 By Ajarn Kitikun Palawon

12 Zodiacs Gipsy Card Prediction between 15 September-14 October, 2018

By Ajarn Kitikun Palawon

Aries (April 13 – May 14) – Eight of Pentacles

Things seem to be doing fine and getting better in all sides, Business becomes successful than expectation, get supported and funded from relatives, Employee has been promoted to ideal position, be strong. Job hunter will finally receive a good offer. Lots of circulated funds, more income than expenses, debtor pays part of debt, some lucks, no shortage of money, should make merit to be fortunate. Singles meet wealthy and understanding widow, Family has no troubles at all.

Taurus (May 15 – June 14) – Three of Swords

So moody, stay calm if not it will create stressfulness and troubles. Employee having conflict with colleague, lucky employer is there to help out, Unemployed needs to find things to do, if not, you might face difficult time, Employer lots of issues from subordinators, should not give credit to clients. Love life will be interfered by third party, stay calm, it will be resolved. Some Cannot balance your books, also need to help out relatives. Find time to do meditation, calm yourself, and things will get better.

Gemini (June 15 – July 15) – Knight of Wands

Get employed for the ones who are looking for jobs with good return, any disputes with colleagues are dissolved. Business is progressing, many sources of incomes but no luck in gambling, your debtor will make installments for the debt. Singles lure in opposite sex but might create troubles, be careful, for those who secretly like someone will receive good news, Family members bring you luck, and some might have kids that you long for. Hand out to orphanage kids to support your life.

Cancer (July 16 – August 16) – Eight of Pentacles

Things seem to be going your way, unexpected and huge luck from opposite sex, lucky in gambling but not to go to far, no fund shortages. Some will meet your right one, started with issues but support each other in the long run. Lovers might face unstable time caused by your words. Business is progressing and receive partner enquiries, might help to expand your business. Employee produces outstanding performance, being supported to receive higher position, some might get job offer with pretty good deals recommended by your supervisor.

Leo (August 17 – September 16) –Three  of Pentacles

Business is progressing more than expectation, it is time to start business for business starter. Employee get supported by employer with your outstanding performance and target, no need to look any further. Lots of circulating funds, get backed up by relatives. Lovers are happy go lucky, no more issues, understand each other much better than the past. Family always support and help each other. Find time to make merit together, it smoothen and stable your life.

Virgo (September 17 – October 16) – Wheel of Fortune

For those who having financial difficulty for long time, now it is time to feel some relief, more circulating funds, who always make merit will receive huge luck. Business is doing well, more clients than before, do not depend on others. Employee receives good news or will be promoted, boss fixed up issues with colleagues. Lovers who are in troubles or been given up, it is time to get back together. Family has no big issues, and understand each other. Find time to make merit together, it smoothen and stable your life.

Libra (October 17 – November 15) – Eight of Swords

Troubles created by others brought over to you, be cautious. Lovers don’t be so gullible, it creates unwanted situation if you believe everything you heard, should talk with each other before it worsen. Stress out from unpaid debts, being chased, and cannot get pay back from your borrower. Spend lots of money on health issue. You should give away coffin and free turtles to get better fortune. Employee disputes with colleagues, should not be so strict. Business pays extra attention to contract with clients and your subordinators, if not, you will face endless troubles.

Scorpio (November 16 – December 15) –The  Hanged Man

Lovers come to an end, cannot find light at the end of tunnel, for those who just get to know each other, no hurry, you might meet playboy or who already has a family. Unemployed should not be so choosy, it is not fortunate moment, lucky you if you have job. Food business is doing steadily, should trust anyone on financial part. Guarantor faces endless issues, so stressful, and sleepless. Do not let anyone borrow money. Find time to pray, give away coffins, it helps to ease all your stressness.

Sagittarius (December 16 – January 14) – Seven of Wands

Job hunter or any examinations would be successful than expectation, Employee get promoted to ideal position, some might jealous. Business get huge order, and it is time to start your own business, no hesitation, if not you will miss it forever. Singles who secretly like someone, should not hold back, go ahead because he/she also interested in you. Family should not get off track, not worth it. So many sources of income, as well as expenses, better buy valuable things. Stock trader wins some but not alot. Little luck in gambling, work hard on your career. Find time to free the birds and fish, it helps to support your life.

Capricorn (January 15 – February 12) – Seven of Pentacles
Your lover give you surprise gift or windfally receive something. Debtor pays back the debt, lots of circulating funds. Employee get supported by employer and promoted to higher position, more responsibility, and headache. Business gets more investment, so it smoothen the business. Singles having dates but should not hurry, take your time. Family no more issues, more understanding, happy ever! Give alms to monks with your family, it helps for better fate.

Aquarius (February 13 – March 14) –The Chariot

Long distance travel brings you luck or huge funds, lucky in gambling, receive help from someone close to you, so no more financial problems. Steady life for Lovers, Family find time for holiday to strengthen relationship. You will be accepted to work with overseas company, and right time to start your own business, no hesitate. Business is doing well, do not feel too confident. Find time to make merit, it help to smoothen and firmed your career, financial and love life.

Pisces (March 15 – April 12) –Page of Cups

Unemployed get offer to a secured position better than before, Employee being loved by the boss. Business is getting better, subordinator brings you luck, fund circulating. Stock trader receives huge profit, your luck comes from your precise hench. Singles meet the right younger one, Working Lovers have minimal issues, should not ignore, it might become massive later on, Family has some quarrels from words. Find time to hand out to orphanage kids to support your fortuity.

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