12 zodiacs in Gypsies: The prophecy during 15 Jul – 14 Aug, 2018 By Ajarn Kitikun Palawon

12 Zodiacs Gipsy Card Prediction between 15 July – 14 August, 2018

By Ajarn Kitikun Palawon

Aries (April 13 – May 14) –  Six of Cups

Lovers reconcile accidently after being apart and life is fulfilled, Singles meets younger lover, Family receives a good news about baby that you long for. Subordinator brings some lucks, lucky in gambling, but you should spend it on valuable things, if not, all the money will be gone. Employee produces outstanding works, being recognized and trusted by the boss, there will be some jealousy around but do not pay attention. Business is doing well, lots of customers, lots of circulating funds. Business starter, now it is the perfect timing to get started. Hand out to disadvantaged person and you will prosper.

Taurus (May 15 – June 14) – Knight of Pentacles

Lots of circulating funds, more incomes than expenditures, some might receive unexpecting huge lucks, so no more headache of shortage fund. Singles meets new lover, take your time, no rush. In relationship might have problems from jealousness, stay still and clam. Business reaches its targets, more and more circulating funds. Employee should behave accordingly, no cheating, if not, it will badly affect your career. Help out disabled children for smooth and firmly path.

Gemini (June 15 – July 15) – Ace of Wands

Employee has an outstanding performance and will be promoted to important position. Job hunter finds the ideal position and remuneration. Business owner receives big projects unexpectedly, business is going well, more than one source of income. No lucks in gambling, do not try. To avoid future troubles, Lovers must find time to be together even though you are so busy with work, Family stays calm, Young Lovers relationship will not last if you always rely on emotions rather than reason.

Cancer (July 16 – August 16) –  Three of Cups

Finally, it is time to tie the knot together for Lovers, Singles meets the right one and get along very well together, Family receives a good news about baby that you long for. Relatives bring lucks, no more shortage funds. Stock trader gets huge profit. Job hunter gets a job from best friend’s recommendation, and it is good time to find new adventure for employed person. Business is doing well, people are interested to be partner, better to do it solely. Find time to give away to children in order to support better fortune.

Leo (August 17 – September 16) – The Lovers

There are lots of distractions, cannot focus on your work, employer keeps an eyes on your behavior, better get back on tracks. Moderate business, do not give up, still chances. Singles meets tricky person, you should stay away. Family faces problems from third party, be stable. Incomes flow in but spend on unnecessary things, think twice before spending.

Virgo (September 17 – October 16) – Ten of Swords

Lovers face unstable stage, it will not last if you can not control your emotions. Family faces troubles created by outsiders, think hard before actions. Debtor has lots of debts need to be paid, and also cannot collect your money for creditor. No lucks in gambling. Employee has work loads and stress but cannot be seen. Business is having issues with partners. Might fall sick from stressfulness.

Libra (October 17 – November 15) – Ace of wands

Employee performs outstanding outcomes, spotted by the boss, but colleagues are jealous of you. For those who want to change a job, finally, find the right position and high pay. Business owner starts new projects with high chance to be successful. Relatives bring lucks but not huge one, money flows in. Steady and understand each other very well for couples. Singles meets right one accidentally, In Relationship has no time to be together that might cause some issues but nothing major.

Scorpio (November 16 – December 15) – The Magician

You will have a additional large amount income from extra jobs, for those who looking for new opportunity, it is the right time. Business grows so fast, think hard before actions. Singles finally finds the right person, no more loneliness. In Relationship seems to be okay and happy than before. Huge luck is on its way from travel, never run out of money, you should find time to free the birds and fishes to support better life and fortune.

Sagittarius (December 16 – January 14) – Eight of Wands

Heavily spend time and commitment into your job and the outcome is beyond expectations, for those who looking for new opportunity will get accepted. Business improves in the good way but employee might cause some troubles. It is the right time to start a new investment. Singles who secretly like someone, he/she says yes! Problem is fixed and come to an understanding for lovers. Financial liquidity is pretty good but relatives might need your help at some point, be prepared but not beyond your ability, you should find time to free the birds and fishes.

Capricorn (January 15 – February 12) – Knight of Cups
Singles is lucky in love and lively. Troubles happen from jealousy for couples. Employee who looking for new opportunity will be offered for ideal position, and get promoted for some. Business has more customers, get supported to set up your own business. Some lucks come from closed person, money flows in but do not fall into gambles. Spend time with your parents that is the most blessing ever.

Aquarius (February 13 – March 14) – King of Cups

Your work has been spotted, no stress, easy life. For those who want to change job, finally, find the right position and high pay. Business is doing well especially for food and beautiful gadgets businesses, the right time for those who want to start business. New lovers should be aware that you might happen to be 3rd person, and some be attractive to same sex. Family members bring luck, money flows in. Find time to pay respect to Buddha for better fortune.

Pisces (March 15 – April 12) – Ace of Pentacles

Huge windfall comes from closed person, no more stress. Creditor get paid back, debtor can request delay payments. Singles find the right person but do not rush, the future who knows, relationship will not last for students. In Relationship will finally tie the knot together. Get supported by supervisor, and your work is extremely outstanding, especially, who work in financial institutes, colleagues might feel jealous so be alert. Business is improving by getting supported fund.

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