12 zodiacs in Gypsies: The prophecy during 15 Aug – 14 Sep, 2018 By Ajarn Kitikun Palawon


12 Zodiacs Gipsy Card Prediction between 15 August- 14 September, 2018

By Ajarn Kitikun Palawon

Aries (April 13 – May 14) – Six of Cups

Time to tie the knot for Lovers, Singles meet the right person and potentially be your life partner, and Family receives a good news about baby that you long for. Subordinator brings some lucks, lucky in gambling, but you should spend it on valuable things, if not, all the money will be gone. Employee produces outstanding works, being recognized and trusted by the employer, relaxing atmosphere at work . Business owner enjoys good income, especially food business, lots of circulating funds. Business starter, now it is the perfect timing to get started. Hand out to disadvantaged person and you will prosper.

Taurus (May 15 – June 14) – Knight of Pentacles

Lots of circulating funds, more incomes than expenditures, some might receive unexpecting huge lucks, so no more headache of shortage funds, should hand out to disadvantaged person. Singles meet different age lover, takes sometimes to understand each other. Lovers might have problems from jealousness, stay still and clam. Business reaches its targets, more and more circulating funds. Employee should behave accordingly, no cheating, if not, it will badly affect your career. Find time to give away the coffin to support better fortune.

Gemini (June 15 – July 15) – Ace of Wands

Employee has an outstanding commitment, exceeding expectation, and has been recognized. Job hunter finds the ideal position with offer from oversea company and potentially progressing in the future.  Business owner receives big projects, make lots of profits but should spend it wisely, unexpected expenses ahead, no lucks in gambling, do not try. Lovers must find time to be together even though you are so busy with work, Family stays calm, Singles meet foreigner lovers with potentially be your partner.

Cancer (July 16 – August 16) –  Six of Swords

Stable career, issues are solved, should talk and sort things out with supervisor but stay calm to prevent future troubles. Business is steady, nothing venture, do not rely on others, money flows in but spend it wisely, few chances in gambling but should not put too much into it, not worth it. Lovers should get married if not it will be ended, for those who just get together, no hurry, find time to let go of nine fishes and eels to support your life.

Leo (August 17 – September 16) – Nine of Pentacles

Many sources of incomes with lots of expenses, might receives huge lucks, should make merit for better fortune. Lovers having issues but can be solved, Singles get accepted by the person you like or meet a person you can get along with. Employee produces outstanding works, and trusted by the boss, there will be some jealousy around but do not pay attention. For those who just started working, not hard to adjust to new place. Business owner should renovate office or shopfront to gain more incomes. New business is progressing but should not hurry to jump in big projects.

Virgo (September 17 – October 16) – Five of Swords

You should quickly resolve issues with colleagues, employer does not happy with it. Business faces contract issues with partner, do not trust so much on subordinators. Money flows in but some might ask you for help, stay firm, or you will be spending on taking care of elderly relatives. Lovers find time to relax, no stress, Singles meets elderly lovers or government officials. Meditate and make merit will help smoothen your life.

Libra (October 17 – November 15) – Seven of Pentacles

Will be receiving unexpected lucks, money flows in, stock trader wins huge profits, some receive valuable things from lovers. Employee easily successful in your career, supported by supervisor. Right time to start up your own business, and it will do well. Lovers find the way to dissolve issues, for those who just In Relationship get along very well, Family no problems with cashflow, no stress, and happy life. Find time to help disadvantaged person and you will prosper.

Scorpio (November 16 – December 15) – Two of Cups

Will get offered by the company you applied for ideal position with good salary, or promoted to higher position, and will be accepted by colleagues. Business runs smoothly, especially in food business. Lovers has nothing to worry, understand each other, for those who secretly like someone will receive good news, time to get engaged for partners. Family members bring you luck, but will eventually need to spend, think twice. Pay attention to your meals, eat good food, if not you will have digestive problems. Find time to let go turtles to support good health.

Sagittarius (December 16 – January 14) – Wheel of Fortune

You will get property and land as you wish, big lucks in gambling, money keep flowing in. Employee progresses beyond expectations, or will be offered a position by new company with high pay and much more stable. Business getting better, more works coming in progressively. Relatives will help to start up business. Lovers understand each other, Family solves all issues by the help of family members. Find time to help out homeless or disabled animals, it will support your life.

Capricorn (January 15 – February 12) – Three of Pentacles

Freelancer progresses beyond expectations, Jobless should find something to do, your ideal job is on its way. Business gets support by relatives, it helps to circulate business funding. Too much to spend, lots of incomes, should plan wisely, if not you will face obstacles in the future. Love life is steady, small issues but nothing to worry, happy family. Donate to poor people, it helps to support happy and smooth life.

Aquarius (February 13 – March 14) – Three of Swords

Love life will be interfered by third party, stay calm, it will be resolved. For those who just in relationship, should not hurry, you might meet someone who already has family. Family should not bring back the past, it creates quarrels. Singles should strain away from the person you like, he/she chooses someone else. Stress out by debtor who tries not to repay. Not the good time to invest more into business, be consistent for employee. Health issues caused by stress, find time to make merit, meditate, give away coffins to support your life.

Pisces (March 15 – April 12) – Eight of Pentacle

Someone will hand out to help you so no more financial issues, big lucks on its way, but should make merit and you can save up. Singles meet the right one, not so fancy but long term, for those who in relationship for long time become friends. Students love life full of headache, better focus on study. Employee puts more effort in work, finishing up all previous assignments, no more troubles with colleagues. Business becomes successful because of your commitments and efforts. Pay respect to Ganesha, and this helps to better your business respectively.

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