12 zodiacs in Gypsies: The prophecy during 15 ๋January, 17 -14 February,18 By Ajarn Kittikun Ponlawan

12 zodiacs in Gypsies: The prophecy during 15 January14 February 2018

By Ajarn Kittikun Ponlawan


Aries (13 April14 May)

Influence of Wheel of Fortune: You will receive unexpected big amount of money bringing back the better financial status. Risk-taking is quite good if you are not too greedy. Share player will also gain a huge amount of money if they are not greedy otherwise it is not worth the candle. Love seems to be fine but you need to watch out for argument from trifle things. So, you need to be clam for not making a big deal out of a problem. If you are having a crush on someone, your dream will come true. However, you shouldn’t think too much about your crush’s exes. Self-employed’s financial status and business are going well. A person who wants to start a business shouldn’t wait because a good chance is coming. A salary man is receiving a special reward from his boss because of his impressive work. The one who is waiting for a job will receive a call. During this time, releasing birds and fish is a way to make merit to foster life fortune.

Taurus (15 May14 June)

Influence of Eight of Swords: You will get frustrated by your life partner because of incompatible attitude which will cause regular argument, especially long-term couple who also gets involve into fights because of the causes from relatives. Therefore, being patient and talking face to face into understanding are necessary before problem is becoming bigger. Earning money during this time is for creditor. Debtor is having a hurtful hunch of not getting money back. During this time, you need to let everything loose for the sake of health. Salary worker is getting into trouble because of co-workers’ jealousy but, you don’t need to care much. Self-employed owner’s satellites will create some problems which are still easily fixable. During this time, there will be problems coming often so, meditation, releasing birds and fish are the good ways to find solutions.

Gemini (15 June15 July)

Influence of The Chariot: You is getting an itchy feet because you will get to travel far often and will also unexpectedly bring back large fortune. The one who is currently making money will receive help from close friends. Share player is also receiving unexpected amount of money. Even though love is not that exciting, the couple is going unhurriedly with warm understanding. Family will have a chance to go on a trip together with even more understanding. Single person will finally find love with foreigner and will get along fine from the beginning. The one who wants a job will finally get a satisfying job with foreign company. A chance for the one who wants to own a business is coming. During this time, you should find chance to making merit regularly in order to make a more stable life fortune.


Cancer (16 July16 August)

Influence of Knight of Cups: You will be lucky about work because of the support from senior employees which brings you the promotion as expected. If you are changing the job, you will get the job with higher payment. Self-employed business is going well attracting more partners. A person being single for a long time will finally find love which is warm and understandable, just out of the blue. Previous problems occurred often for family will finally be solved bringing family back together. For finance, the fortune will come unexpectedly. For some who like to travel will also receive luck. You should watch out for what you eat for good health. Releasing turtles and donating coffins are to foster health fortune.

Leo (17 August16 September)

Influence of Seven of  Cups: You will eventually work irresponsibly because of being worried about your own personal problems that keep happening. For this, you will get blamed from your boss so, you need to change yourself to get away from getting into more problems. Self-employed business is getting quite well but, you need to watch out for your satellites. Love in general will be in trouble because of your coquetry driving love away. Married couple need to watch out for words from others who create provocation. So, their minds must be stable before the problem is getting wider. Even though there is money coming, it will be wasted on luxurious things. Risk-taking is not suggested because there will only bring problem. Doing mediation should be done for better life.

Virgo (17 September16 October)

Influence of Ten of Swords: Long-term couple will get into big trouble because of their own ego. Married couple should be careful about their words which may provoke their disagreement. So, they must think carefully before speaking or doing something. Debtor will be stressful because of being asked to pay off their debts. Creditor must accept their bad debts. You will have no luck on risk-taking. Company employee will be deadly stressful because of work overloaded and their boss not noticing. Self-employed business should be careful to have conflict with their partners over the benefits. You eventually should take care of your health because stress will get you sick.

Libra (17 October15 November)

Influence of Ace of wands: You will create outstanding and satisfying work causing others to obviously feel jealous towards. If you are thinking of changing job, you ex-boss will give you an offer with higher payment and stable condition. It is a good chance for self-employed business to go well and extend with higher sales. Even though money is not coming that much, you still have sufficient money to circulate. Risk-taking is not recommended as it is not worth the candle. Love may not be that exciting but, it will go on with better understanding. If you are single, you will find new love coincidently. Long-term couple, however, will have small problem with time.

Scorpion (16 November-15 December)

Influence of Three of Cups: You will have luck on work. You will also earn more from extra job. It is also a good time for people who want to change job. Merchant business will move forward quickly. However, you need to watch out for making a quick decision because it will bring bad consequence later. You will meet the most satisfying person to fall in love with bringing back the brighter day. People on a date seem happier than before. For money matter, there will be a great deal of fortune coming from traveling. During this period with good luck, it is a good idea to find a chance to release birds and fish to foster better fortune.

Sagittarius (16 December14 January)

Influence of Two of Wands: You will work hard and create satisfying work as expected. If you are looking for a new job, you will be called in for a job you are expecting during this time. Self-employed business is getting better but, you still need to be careful about problem created by you satellites. If you are looking for way to make new investment, this is a good chance to start. If you are having a crush on someone, you will succeed. Previous problems will also be solved with better understanding. Even though you are at a good level for money circulation, you will be asked by close relatives. So, if you don’t want to get into trouble, try not to be too generous. Releasing birds and fish is a suggestion during this time.

Capricorns (15 January12 February)

Influence of Two Of Cups: If you are single, you will be unaware of having a crush on which will bring back your cheerful day. Couple should be careful about being unreasonably suspicious because it will bring problems regularly. For work, you will get a job you like after a long wait. You will also get a position you expected. Merchant business is also going well with more customers coming. If you are hoping to own the business, you will receive help from others to succeed. You will get financial luck from the ones close to you. Gambling is forbidden as you will not gain anything. During this time, you should find opportunity to do good deed with your parents.

Aquarius (13 February14 March)

Influence of King of Cups: You will work happily because you create work satisfied to your boss. If you are about to change the job, you will get the one that pay you higher. Merchant business, especially about food and beauty will go better than before. If you are thinking of owning a business, it is a perfect time. If you are currently going on a date with someone new, you need to be careful about dating someone owned. Some of you might attract the same sex which will bring an awkward feeling. You will get financial luck from family members. When you are lucky, making merit is a should for better luck.

Pisces (15 March12 April)

Influence of Ten  of Pentacles: You will receive a huge luck from the ones close to you washing away your stress. Creditor will receive the money back suddenly from their debtors. Debtor also receive extension of payment. Share player will earn a huge amount of money. If you are single, you will meet the right one.  However, you need to take the relationship slow otherwise you will be in trouble later. Long-term date will finally get you both to become real couple. Young love may have to break up because of different personality. For work, you will receive support from your boss so, your work become outstanding, especially work related to financial institution. You will be unaware of jealousy from others, so you need to be careful. Self-employed business will get financial support from others so, it goes smoothly.


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