12 zodiacs in Gypsies: The prophecy during 15 May – 14 June, 2018 By Ajarn Kitikun Palawon

12 zodiacs in Gypsies: The prophecy during 15 May – 14 June, 2018

By Ajarn Kitikun Palawon

Aries (April 13 – May 14) – The Sun

Big luck in risk-taking, gamble and during travel. Debtor pays back the debt, money flows in, a lot of circulating fund. Freelancer gets big project and expands the business. Celebrity becomes more popular more than expectation. Worker receives promotion, has big roles in the company. Couples has a chance to get baby, person in relationship becomes more and more tender, singles find the right person. Perform good deeds and good things will happen.

Taurus (May 15 – June 14) – Eight of Wands

Promoted to the expected position, but some might be jealous and try to get rid of you. Fresh Job Hunter needs time to get used to new environment but in the long run will be very happy. Business owner has good business, some might want to be partners, but it is better to be sole. Do not have luck in gamble, and not worth to try. Good time to get more properties. Couples need time to be together if not might have some miscommunication, singles find the right one and proceed gradually and not rashly. Pray respect to Genesha and you will be blessed.

Gemini (June 15 – July 15) – The World

Time to travel aboard but might fall sick while travelling, some will be approached for new job opportunity. Good business and will be respected for business owner and also good chance for start-up business. Money keeps coming in, has some luck too. Any debtors can pay back their debts. Singles will meet the right one accidentally, but do not rush. Couples has a chance to get baby. Hand out to those disadvantage or orphanage people and you will be happy and prosper.

Cancer (July 16 – August 16) – Ace of Cups

Successful in work because of good social relations, on top of that work disputes with colleagues are dissolved. It is time for businessman to expand the business, just do it without any hesitations. For dispute cases with clients will be ended without any losses. Family members and person close to you bring a good fortune, money flows in, and receives payment from debtor. Single will be in love and find the right person, for those await for baby will be granted. Extra care on your food if not might get sick. Free the fishes and turtles would help to get good health.

Leo (August 17 – September 16) – The Magician

Great achievement on the assigned work and will be promoted for higher position. Business owner successes in business with good help from staff. Receives unexpected income from difference sources such as gamble, should give money to parents to become more prosper. Careful on opposite sex who approaches you, and it is time to get married for lovers if not will face unstable issues. Take lots of rest if not you will have migraines and blood pressure.

Virgo (September 17 – October 16) – Two of Cups

Finally, you will pass a job probation, and secured positions for those who just started working at new place. Numbers of customers increase for business person and supported by powerful people to expand your business. It is time to get engaged for lovers, but for teenagers even though love is exciting but it will not last long. You will never run out of money, but there are also lots of prices to pay for.  Do not fall on gamble, and you get good support from relatives. Please free the fishes and snail to support better fortune.

Libra (October 17 – November 15) – Knight of Wands

Has itchy feet, meaning, lots of works involve travelling, and outcomes are outstanding, will be accepted by colleagues and supervisor. Business income increases plus you sweet words that lure people who want to take part on your business. Steady income but no luck on gamble, debtor will get a chance to compromise your debt. Third party might interfere your love life, and it is time to decide. Your kids are well-behaved, and reliable. Having problems with bones, better get health check-up.

Scorpio (November 16 – December 15) – Two of Swords

Cannot decide on love life, have to choose who you want to be with. Show your commitment to person you like, and you will be accepted. Steady work but careful with what you say to colleagues which may create misunderstanding. Job hunter will definitely find your dream job but work hard on it. Information and Technology business will be very successful, for those who having problems do not give up, it shall be passed eventually. Some luck are on its ways but you miss it. Problems might occur if not pay attention enough to document related issues. Headache is big thing, give away coffin would cure it.

Sagittarius (December 16 – January 14) – The Lovers

Lost track and inconsistent, be licentious especially who are singles, it causes never ending problems. Couples might quarrel because of interfering person or by relatives on each side, the best way is to be clam. Income coming in from many sources but lots to spend on too. Lucky in gamble but could not save up. Business person who wants to expand the business better to do it later. Think hard before actions, some might face rumors at work. Meditation is the best thing to do.

Capricorn (January 15 – February 12) – Ace of Wands

Good time to start working new place with progress in career path. Business grows bigger, many people willing to join your business but need to do proper contracts. Income coming in from many sources but spend wisely, lots of things to spend ahead. Gamble is not your way, work hard will reward you back. Singles attract opposite sex but cannot decide which one to choose or who is good to you. Quarrel among family members will be dissolved. Secretly love will get love on return.

Aquarius (February 13 – March 14) – King of Pentacles

Progress and promoted for your job, for those to move to new job will enjoy working and meet good colleagues. Freelancer receives more clients, less headache, good time for start-up business. Luck on your side for gambling, might be lucky during travel, and make merit will fortunate yourself even more. Be able to pay your debt. Couples life is steady, and firm. Teenage love life will have problems, cannot control emotions and sincerity. Find time to do meditation so your life will be peaceful.

Pisces (March 15 – April 12) – Three of Wands

Progress and promoted for your job but some jealous on you and  try to discredit yourself, or those who want to leave current position, will find the right job, good pay with more responsibilities. Freelancer expands business pretty fast, money flows in steadily. No Luck in gambling, need to work hard, might be lucky in stock market but do not fall into too much. Your debtor might pay you back but need to compromise, and find time to give food or things to disadvantage or orphanage it will make your life better.

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