12 Cool Things That Only Happen In Thailand


Thailand is one of the most controversial places that surprise even the most experienced tourists. It is full of exoticism that will surround you at every step. Even going to a cafe for coffee can completely turn your world around. So, what unexpected things can happen to you in Thailand? Below you will find 12 cool things that can happen to you only in this country. If you are just planning your vacation, then these ideas can make your trip unforgettable and unique.

12 Things That Can Happen To You Only In Thailand

Thailand is full of surprises and is ready to surprise its visitors with something eco-friendly and unique. Get to know what can happen to you only in this place and make your vacation unique.

Making a Souvenir from Elephants’ Poo

Eco things are becoming popular all over the world, and Thailand is no exception. The Elephant Poo Poo Paper Park invites its visitors to collect poo and participate in the papermaking process. You can create your own unique souvenir. This entertainment is suitable for all those who stand for eco-friendliness, plus it can be engaging for tourists of any age.

Book a TreeHouse Accommodation

In Keemala, there is an opportunity to make a childhood dream come true with an emphasis on modern trends. We are talking about treehouses that have outdoor baths and comfortable living conditions. This is a great option for those who want something exotic with a touch of luxury. The treehouses are a great place for yoga, enjoying Thai nature, amazing sunsets, and sunrises.

Get into the Shoes of a Prisoner

If you have always wondered how prisoners live, then you have a unique opportunity to experience it for yourself. Don’t worry, you won’t be a prisoner. You can just have a look at it all at Sook Station Themed hotel. This hotel allows its visitors to experience the atmosphere of a prison, but of course all this in an entertaining and relaxed way.

Attend the Monkey Festival

Could you imagine that somewhere in the world there is a festival not for local people, but local monkeys? Thailand provides you with a unique opportunity to attend these events. You need to go to Monkey City and there you will see huge tables filled with treats for local monkeys. What could be more cute and awesome?

Find the Talisman

Leaving Thailand without a talisman is a real crime. Tourists are encouraged to visit The Amulet Market where they can find their unique magical assistant. In a wide range of different talismans, everyone will be able to find their faithful helper, just like students find academic writing assistance with the query “can someone write my research paper for me”. As for souvenirs in this place, there are prices for every taste and talismans from the most diverse materials for different purposes.

Taste Insects in Thailand

This country is famous for its exotic approach to food and one of the curiosities for tourists is insect dishes. More likely it is a must-do for every tourist who visits Thailand for the first time. If you are afraid of absolute exoticism, then there are restaurants that offer a mix of European cuisine with the addition of insects. There is no doubt that this is not an option for everyone, but the fact that this is a unique opportunity is unambiguous.

Attend the Flying Lantern Festival

If you are bored with your business or have problems with academic assignments, it’s time to visit the Flying Lantern Festival in Thailand. Just type write my research paper for me and get professional help from the dissertation writers for hire and then, enjoy your trip to Thailand. During the Yi Peng Lantern Festival, each visitor can write their cherished wish and launch a flashlight into the sky. It is believed that your wish will come true if you will do good deeds over the next year. Therefore, this is a good opportunity for those who want to change their lives for the better but don’t know where to start.

Buy Products From The Floating Market

If you love shopping, why not take advantage of the unique and exotic shopping experience in Thailand? You can buy fruits and vegetables in the most unusual way. Vendors sell their goods from boats around the river. Here you can find fruits, vegetables and a lot of delicious food. This market starts working early in the morning and can be reached by boat. This market has a unique atmosphere and bustle that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Visit Corgi Cafe

If you are a true Corgi fan, then in Thailand you have the opportunity to meet these royal dogs live. The number of dogs in this cafe is constantly changing and it is not unusual to spend time here with puppies, and not just with adult dogs.

In addition to the cute corgi, the cafe offers delicious food and an incredible atmosphere. There is no doubt that you will want to come back here again and again.

Taste the Giant Banana

Thailand is famous for the fact that 22 different types of bananas grow here. These bananas differ not only in their size but also in their taste. There are savoury and incredibly sweet varieties that will hardly be available at your local supermarket in your motherland.

Moreover, Thailand offers the opportunity to try different banana dishes. You can also find products that are made from banana flowers. For example, hats that will become a great memory about this country.

Visit “Dangerous” Market

Do you like shopping and everything that smells of danger? You need to visit the Maeklong Railway Market where you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables. Several times a day, a train passes right along with the market. This brings a real bustle to the market. But when visiting this market, you need to be extremely careful. It is also impressive how quickly the sellers put away their goods, and when the train leaves they start working the same way as before as if nothing had just happened.

Order Coffee With Your Selfie

If you love taking selfies and are an active social media user, then you have a chance to surprise your online friends with a cup of coffee where your selfie will be. KC Selfie Coffee invites its visitors to get a personalized cup of coffee with their selfies. All you have to do is send your photo and get your coffee. In addition to coffee, this service is also provided for tea.

Bottom Line

Thailand is a real treasure of unforgettable impressions. Here every tourist can find something that will completely turn the world upside down and fill your life with unforgettable emotions and impressions.

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