10 Recommended IT Majors and Universities for enrollment !

10 Recommended IT Majors and Universities for enrollment !

10 Recommended IT Majors and Universities for enrollment !

If you are interested in studying and working in anIT field. At present, We have collected 10 IT majors for you!

1. Computer Science
Computer Science is a direct field of IT. In this field, you You will learn about coding , network devices and hardware

After your graduation, you will be able to work with most IT job, whether it is programming, Database analysts or  computer system specialist.

2. Information Technology
Information technology is an applied field that is similar to computer science but not as deep learning. This field will focus on learning about the programing, information technology, tntroduction to Graphics. Currently, graduate from this field of study is very much needed by the labor market. As a graduate from information technology field, you will be as competence as those gradute from compter science and will be able to work in a similar position.

3. Interactive games and media
Game and Interactive Media is an integrated field of computer science, communication arts, design and applied architecture in multimedia. It focuses on learning about animation and graphic work. It will use the software and hardware to blend together to create a workout.

For graduate students in this field, the following professions may be game developer, game engineering, game designers, computer graphic designers as well as web designer that can work in a film industry, advertising industry, or mass media company.

4. Medical Information
Medical Informatics is one of the most interesting subjects in IT field. In this field, you will learn about the technology, medical science as well as public health .

A graduate of this particular study will be specialized in medical photographing, system analysts,  medical and hospital Information system developing, database administrator.

10 Recommended IT Majors and Universities for enrollment !

5. Computer Business
Computer Business is another interesting discipline. Computer business  is a study of information technology and business management. Key focus is the use of modern technology to assist in data analysit to work in corporate with management planning.

There are wide range of occupations for a graduate in this field such as computer staff,  E-Learning Officer, office Management Staff, administration Officer, sales executive.

6. Computer Engineering.
Computer Engineering is a discipline that focuses on design, testing, analysis, and maintenance of computer systems, hardware, and networks.

Career path for a graduate from this field will be able to work in a various position:  computer engineering, computer security systems engineering, software designer, for example.

7. Network and Security Engineering
Network Engineering  is a study that learn deeply about Internet, network design,  virtualization management and security in network technology.

Nowadays, graduate from this field of study is in needed by the digital labor market.

10 Recommended IT Majors and Universities for enrollment !

8. Graphic Design
Graphic design is a field of study that mainly focus on design in all aspects such as a composition of color printing, photographing, media printing in 2D & 3D. You will also learn about various design tools which can be used in graphic design work.

For those of you who are interested in studying in this field, you must be creative and imaginative. Relevant occupations such as graphic designers. Web designer Exhibition designers And related design work.

9. Animation and Multimedia
Animation and Multimedia is a new field that allows us to release our creativity. In this field, you will learn about multimedia production creating. Visual Effect Pigments and media time will also be tought as well.

Your career path can be a modelers. digital artist, special effects designer or Visual Effect Designer, web designer, graphic designer, also VDO editor.

10 Recommended IT Majors and Universities for enrollment !

10. Computer Innovation Engineering 
Computer Innovation Engineering (CIE) is a discipline that combines academic learning,  experience and project implementation to create an innovation includs cultivating, critical thinking, communication, application of multiple skills, mobile data cyber security, big data analytics, and Internet.

A graduate of this field are very much in demand in the labor market both domestically and internationally. You can work as an embedded engineers, product designers, IT innovation cloud engineer, engineer, innovator.

Number of reknown universities in Thailand that offer these IT study field.. 

King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang
King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi
King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok
Chulalongkorn University
Mahidol University
Kasetsart University
Khonkaen University
Chiang Mai University
Thaksin University
Silpakorn University
Srinakharinwirot University
Sriprathum university
Rangsit University
Dhurakij Pundit University
Bangkok University
University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce
Mahanakorn University of Technology
Walailak University
University of North Bangkok
Ubon Ratchathani Rajabhat University

Credit: campus.campus-star.com

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