10 Best Universities in UK, 2019 by The Complete University Guide

10 Best Universities in UK, 2019 by The Complete University Guide

The Complete University Guide is an independent organisation works closely with all main UK Universities, Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) and Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS)- helping students around the world research degree courses, universities and colleges – including accommodation, fees, and sport – and to make the right choice in changing times. This UK University League Tables and Rankings 2019 will give you a good guide to which university is best for you, overall and by subject.

10th:  University College London

University College London (UCL) has received the best of Student-Staff Ratios, in the other word the proportion of students and employees are the best in the United Kingdom. 

UCL Research is also in top 10 rank in term of quality, and in top 5 rank in term of comprehensive research content. In addition UCL has also been selected as a leader in various large projects, such as “European Mission or ARIEL projecr which study about new planet that has just been discovered.

9th University of Warwick

University of Warwick is very famous for its ‘Creative Writing’ subject of study

University of Warwick is a TOP 10 University for quality research since 1976. Their reputation started with number of University researchers has achieved creating a racing car named ‘Sustainable Racing Car. The car’s body was made of plant’s fiber, powered by biodiesel made of left-over substances from chocolate and vine factories. 

8th Lancaster University

Lancaster University ranking has been raised from last year due to the higher rank of Student Satisfaction and Graduate Prospects

Lancaster University is located on a beautiful campus, next to the Lake District where the Student Union is situated at the heart of the community. There are more than 230 students clubs.  More importantly, students will have an opportunity to volunteer in number of projects and also exchange their experience abroad which which will develop and improve their skills to professional level.

7th Loughborough University

Loughborough University is at the TOP 10 ranking for its  facilities. Also, the university is renowned for producing quality athletes out wide.  Hundred athletes had attended 2018 Commonwealth Games, and 30 athletes had won medals.

6th Durham University

Durham University is one of the oldest universities in England with 31 popular subject of study. This university also located in the UNESCO World Heritage Site renowned for the spectacular scenery as well.

5th University of St Andrews

University of St Andrews has received relatively high score for Student Satisfaction; the 2nd highest in UK and 90% of student graduated with honours. 

An outstanding symbol is this university is inevitable red or red robe gown of undergraduate students that has been used since 1672. The most renown disciplines are  Humanities, particularly in the field of Divinity (theology) and Philosophy. 

4th Imperial College London

Imperial College London is a prestigious institution in the field of Science, Engineering, and Business Administration.

The University has Undergraduate Research Opportunities program (UROP) to provide opportunities for 300 students to experience new teaching and learning styles, such as teaching humanoid, learning class in Kew Gardens, for example.

3rd London School of Economics and Political Science

London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) is an educational institution voted TOP 5 at all time. LSE is considered a famous educational institution in the social sciences field, especially Social Policy. 

In February, the Centre for Economic Performance (CEP) of the LSE was chosen to be Global Centre of Excellence , which is regarded as an important agency for policies,  excellence in the researchers training and experts in the economics of the United Kingdom as well.

2nd University of Oxford

Although Oxford is ranked # 2 but the University has graduated students with honours or Good Honours the most every year since the 2008.

In addition, Oxford is also renowned for its academic excellence. Thirty seven study programs are rated TOP 10 so the University is considered the world’s leading institutions of all time.

1st University of Cambridge

This year University of Cambridge is ranked  TOP 10 for its 41 disciplines and top rank for 32 disciplines. Students who have graduated from here are to be expected in terms of quality and skills

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