Exquisitely blended from precious tropical flowers, the heavenly scents from Primmalai are rich in therapeutic benefits which help improve body and soul’s well-being in many ways, from releasing tension to increasing ability to focus while enhancing relaxation and refreshment. All the magics come from 100% pure natural extracts of precious Thai flowers.

Primmalai was founded in 2011 by Jan – Jainnisa Kuvinichkul, a Harvard Business School graduate, whose passion has been towards uplifting and modernizing Thai heritage to reach global stage.

“My passion in doing business is how to enhance Thai heritage and Thai uniqueness to be widely recognized,” said Jainnisa expressing her own determination. “I have always wanted to create the products that would well represent the identity and truly unique benefits of rare, indigenous tropical flowers. Not only the scents which are heavenly felt and touched but also its therapeutic benefits which are the hidden gems of nature.”

“Primmalai” means “the Great Flowers”. Primmalai’s bouquet fragrances represent the sophisticated balance of art and science to enhance health and wellness from the inside out. Primmalai’s products are richly infused with botanical extracts, using key organic and earth-friendly ingredients, ranging from body treatment to home and well-being.“Our products give the impressive experience of the heavenly scents from nature and also enhance the health benefits that would express your care and concerns both to yourself and your beloved ones,” described Jainnisa. “For Primmalai, you are assured that our products are 100% natural extracts which are not harmful to your health in all senses. We aim to continually develop our products to best reflect our brand identity in being The Healthy Scents for Healthy Living.”

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