Mariya’s dress “The winner”of Miss Universe!

Fashion garu voted Mariya’s evening dress “The winner” of Miss Universe 2017 ! 

Mariya’s dress “The winner”of Miss Universe!

The judgement of Miss Universe 2017 is coming closer for Mariya Lerdpullab- representative from Thailand. 

Bring grin to Thai people again, besides her natural beauty “Mariya” spread her charming aura all over Las Vegas, USA. Nick Verreos; American – Greek designers, fashion and beauty guru also raised Mariya’s dress in Miss Universe pre-Lim round as the best evening gown, surpassing more than 90 countries with the highest score of 9.75

Mariya’s dress “The winner”of Miss Universe!

No 1 Thailand 9.75
No 2 Venezuela 9.65
No 3 Indonesia 9.35
No 4 Ghana 9.20
No 5 Aruba 9.15

Mariya’s elegant evening dress presented in Pre-lim was designed by Thai desinger ‘Joe Athip Thirakittiwat’ from Surface Boutique, plus glittering jewelry from ‘Plus Jiraputthinan’ With perfect combinations come on “Mariya”, Miss Universe crown is no longer out of reach! 

Let’s cheer ‘Mariya’ in “Miss Universe 2017 Final Round” at 7.00 p.m. Nov. 27 2017 (Thai Time) 


 35,884 ,  3 

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