YouTuber “Nutticha Namwong” Influencing young generation great way to save money

YouTuber “Nutticha Namwong” Influencing young generation great way to save money

A year later since she first started posting video clip on youtube called “Kaykai Salaider”, Nutticha Namwong has nearly reached 4 million subscribers, and she also posted video clips “Kleng Mae Surprise Ngern THB 100,000.00”, followed by “Surprise Mae Ngern Larn Nai Kratip Khao Niew” with nearly 8M viewers overnight.  As a result, it makes her extremely famous on Social media, without a doubt, she is now influencing a young generation great way to save money.

How to be an influencer for a variety of age groups

Formerly, Kay and her boyfriend, Prite-Netijen Netirattanapaiboon, would like to startup a business but they do not have enough capital, they then, realised that youtube might be a good channel to earn incomes. Last year, they started to post video clips on youtube until now they have nearly 4 millions followers, 840K on Facebook, and 1.2 millions on IG. Recently, they have received  the most followers on social media for Lifestyles from“2018 Thailand Social Awards ”.

Kay said “I am very proud, and cannot imagine that I came this far, it happens so fast. I was not born with golden spoons, more than 10 years ago, my mom had a noodle store in the market located on Ramintra KM.4, she raised 3 kids including myself, everyday after school I always helped her to clean up the noodle pot. That is why I know how hard to earn a living, and I learn how to save up, if not, I would not have that much money to give to my mom”

Kay become Idol for saving wisely and greatful personality from 2 most famous clips

“Thai people love to see some kind of good behaviors that make our clips go viral and continuing, after watching, they loved it and started sharing on internet, the most viral one is Kleng Mae Surprise Ngern THB 100,000.00. She also mentioned on the clip “The more you give, your gift will return to you 10 times”

Our sponsors found these clips to be very interesting which generate lots of works for us, and even more to come after we launched “Surprise Mae Ngern Larn Nai Kratip Khao Niew”.

This clip was inspired from my house which were being mortgaged and my mom tried very hard not to lose it, I wanted to help her and paid off this house, mom is so proud that now this house is legally owned by me.

“My goal is to buy a new house for my mom cause she loves to plant, and we all will live together, that is all I am asking for…”

“Wealthiness helps getting happiness to our loved ones, having lots of money does not mean you will be successful in life, the most successfulness in life is to be happy”.


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