Um- Kawisara Kakit “The beloved boss”

Um- Kawisara Kakit
“The beloved boss”

Have you ever thought that there is actually the company with the supportive boss who always provides help, the annual bonus, abroad trips, the livelihood equipment and friendliness? These are just the examples we have heard from the gorgeous managing director of BRAND-NEW COMMUNICATION CO.,LTD, Um- Kawisara Kakit. Only one word can ever describe how she started her career path as an employee and made her way to become the managing director, her idea and way of life is “Super adorable”.
This interview can be an example for many companies. They might not be able to follow all ideas but their employees under care will willingly devote themselves to their work and stick with their companies for a very long time.

From “a doctor” to “a PR”

“I am the one who is into the beauty, like to take care of others and used to dream of being a doctor. The changing point was I wasn’t good at number. I used to concentrate on Math really hard to be able to pass the entrance exam for a doctor. During the entrance exam preparation, I didn’t realize that I was allergic to coffee. That was why I drank a lot of it to be able to keep up on reading books. So, I was shocked and blurred on the Math exam day. My changing point was a friend named “Ud”. He was a student president. I really had no idea what to study besides a doctor. He was the one who put me to study Humanity majoring Thai with the additional skill of Mass Communication”.
“At first I thought of studying only 1 year and retook the entrance exam for a doctor. Once I actually got to study, I came to like it because most teachers at the faculty back in that time were S.E.A. Write poets; they were really good writers creating easily understood works. So, I decided to finish my bachelor degree in this field. As being in this field, I thought of being a newscaster. However, I didn’t get to fulfill this dream as there was a long line for it at that time. Until I had a chance to train as a PR at Siam Inter, Soi Ladpraw 48. Then Khun Nid at Siam Inter Multimedia Public Company Limited gave me another chance to work full time as a PR here. Then I moved to work as PR again at Central Retail Corporation Ltd., worked at Channel [V] Thailand, moved to ibis Hotel (Thailand), The Erawan Group Public Company Limited, Travel Channel Thailand and then came back again to Channel [V] Thailand. It was the changing point of entertainment circle; there was always a time to close and separate. My very last position as an employee ended with the opportunity from Khun Korn Narongdej hiring me to develope business development department at KPN Award. All these positions were before I am now with my own company”.

Being an employee didn’t allow me to speak everything in my mind

“When I was in the position to set the business development department for Khun Korn, in my mind, I hesitated that I would not want to be an employee any longer. So, I decided to tell Khun Korn that I didn’t want to do this routine work anymore. However, he told me to go on as I have already set it. I have to say that it is him who is my benefactor allowing me to start the BRAND-NEW COMMUNICATION CO.,LTD from KPN Award’s business development department team and letting me be in charge of KPN Award until now. I always think that BRAND-NEW COMMUNICATION CO.,LTD is Khun Korn’s sub company”.

A director’s life

“When I have people under me, I always tell my team that we will work with all customers as if we all are the owners of the company. We will fight against everything that is wrong. The customers who like the work in the way that they are to be pleased will end up hating us because we don’t please. However, we will be liked by the customers who prefer the work result over the complaisance. Therefore, we don’t have many customers but those customers have decided to do the long-term work with us. This means we will see our company’s numbers in a long term. This is our idea”.

“There is absolutely the main point of what we do in marketing which is the marketing and business development. It is to develop structure business which come from what we have planned for others. We have already known what we need to set. So, it is not that hard. What is difficult for us is that we have no money background like others so money is what we need to keep. Once we have to start something new, we need to set it as a worst case which is the most risky case where our own money is spent”.

Therefore, our only preparation is “our employee!” We will not let them wonder if they will earn any at the end of the month. I will always think of the time when I was at the same position of being the employee. What I expected back then is what I concern.

No. 1 Will I get all my money at the end of the month?

No.2 Will I get health insurance as I have risky work; travelling on motorcycle taxi?

No. 3 Is the welfare worth for working on Saturday? As the matter of fact that Saturday is the family day, we cannot just give them the money to work every day and love the company. It is not right as everybody needs a day off, feels exhausted. So, there need to be enough and worth motivation for them to work.

No. 4 What we need to do to keep the qualified employees? It is their safety in life. Therefore, it is our responsibility to provide risk management plan 3 years straight to assure our employees and encourage them to work their best.

A boss who is approachable.

“Once I have my own company, what my subordinates need to be confident about me is that I have to be clear and capable of doing all tasks no matter what happens. I realize that I didn’t like the boss who was unclear when I was doing the routine work. He didn’t tell what he needed resulting in uncompleted work. It was not just the problem with the boss fixing an uncompleted work. The customers’ fixing created the never-ending job. What I have taught my subordinates is that they need to be able to read customers’ minds to estimate and plan ahead. The second thing is creating their trust in me that I am the experienced boss capable of doing all tasks they do. Moreover, I must do better to gain their confidence, trust, respect and faith automatically”.

“We will look for good deeds in people. We will not look at bad points in them as they are hard to be fixed or some bad points cannot be fixed at all. We will pull out their good points and try to solve their bad ones bit by bit. We will train our people to have courage in decision-making. They will have to admit to what they have done wrong and try to solve those mistakes. I have always said that making a mistake is not killing so, the occurred problem will need the best solution and prevention. Otherwise, all decisions have to be made by me and they will not be able to make any decisions on their own. If they have enough confidence to make decisions, their subordinates will also have enough considerateness for them. Therefore, all subordinates in my company will not just come to me and say “Just talk to Pee Um”. At this point, we will create levels for them to depend on”.

“We have challenge in work that customers will look at us as friends, our subordinates can reprove as we are not untouchable. We have to be approachable; we have to be argued and judged for an improvement. The comments made must not involve private issues. There are iron rules in our company that are No. 1 no fraud within company and customers. If they are caught, they will be fired. No.2 no wage reduction. If they want to take a day off, a leave or come late, they have to discuss. We believe that our employees are human. If I have stuff to do, so do they. That is why I need to be fair on this issue. What I am trying to tell is we will measure their responsibility in work. If they are told to be in charge of something, they must be able to tell when to finish, not finish, the reasons why, where they are at and how”.

“Our measurement will be set up on our own. For example, if this is our business profits, how much this year amount in wage increase and bonus will be. We will set from the beginning of the year so, they all realize at the end of year 2016 that

No.1 we will increase the wage of all employees (previous and new) by 10%.

No.2 they will get to choose the country they want to visit. They have been voting for Tokyo. Therefore, we have discussed the amount of money needed to make the trip happen.

No. 3 the bonus of at least 1 month. What they need to do is 1 2 3 4… like that.

No.4 there is a promotion campaign. It depends on agreement made each time creating fun time at work. This is our happiness because we think that if somebody wakes up not wanting to work, it is their nightmare in life”.


“I have looked after brand image, marketing and PR. I have worked all aspects without fear for unsuccessfulness. I have always come up with many options for all cases.”
If you want to ask me about the success in all works we do, we measure from the contact out customers want to continue. However, it is not a 100% success as working with people is about emotion and satisfaction. Besides the money, another success is comfortableness and confidence in working together. The key to measure success is different for each place. Some customers don’t look at KPI as a reason to work with the company they have hired. The happiness is instead the key. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean we work ineffectively without certain aims. We have set clear KPI. Besides, our nature is that if we cannot complete KPI, we will not find a place to put a blame on. Instead, we will talk, find solutions and work non-stop despite of a finished contact. We will work to complete KPI as we are fair and never believe in taking any advantages of our customers.”


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