Sornram Teppitak revealed for the first time after the new love with Nicole Theriault

Sornram Teppitak revealed for the first time after the new love with Nicole Theriault; he admitted having developed the relationship since their MV shooting together and wanting to get married with his confirmation to do best in keeping this love!! 

It is becoming a hot and doubtful issue about the relationship between the young-faced singer, Nicole Theriault and the leading actor, Num Sornram Teppitak after Nicole divulged that Sornram is currently the closest friend. He is also getting along really well with her son, Tigger (read more Wow!! Nicole finally admitted Sornram is currently the closest friend and getting along really well with her son, Tigger).

Not too long ago (on 21 June, 2017), Sornram answered the interview that “the Instagram picture was already carefully picked. It is considered my small space I want to share. Ki has been my friend for the last 20 years as our tape cassettes were out at a very close period in 90’s. Once her number was changed, my Line gave a warning. That was why I checked if it was Nicky and asked for her number. Since then, we have been in touch and out for dinners. We have talked and exchanged the ideas about music. I went to act in her MV and even directed for her.

After MV shooting, it was kind of feeling that we had things in common. We started to talk more. I can feel that she is nice. She owns both a character of a mom and a dad. Besides, her son, Tingger is a lovely boy and so much alike Nicky. He always wait to have meal with his mother. Ki loves her parents and her son. She has to take all responsibility just like my mother. However, I want her to be my girlfriend, not a mom as I cannot stand having 2 mothers.

It was all the truth what Nicky used to interview. The reason I wasn’t at the interview with her at Club Friday was I had another job to take care of. I already asked for the first queue but still there was not enough time. When it was becoming the news, I had to see Woody to explain. I think if Tingger found out about this news, he would have known that his mother’s close friend like me is also a real man trying to protect Nicky. I’d like to confirm here that I wasn’t not running away as I had to go to work and never would have thought that it would become such a big deal.

For this relationship, we have been talking for 3 weeks that we don’t want to use the word “girlfriend-boyfriend” because we are grown-ups. If I date someone, I want to go as far as a wedding day. I want to get married with Nicole but I don’t know if she feels the same way. We actually talked about this but such an issue needs the agreement of both sides. I’s like to confirm again that I want to do my best keeping this relationship. I do care both Nicky and Tingger. I admit that there are both understanding and problems as it is just the beginning of everything. When I am with Tingger, we talk about things like sport or music. Honestly, I do love Nicole, Tingger and her parents.


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