Siraprapa Raktham – Working woman with far-sighted vision CEO

I have got strong personality and no one would ever see my weakness

Siraprapa Raktham

Working woman with farsighted vision CEO

Editor of I DO Magazine Honeymoon, Lifestyle and Family


Childhood Life

Born and Raised in Bangkok, she lives her life in a comfortable lifestyle, and is surrounded by warm family members. Her parents play a role in supporting her no matter if they agree with or disagree with her. If she is determined to do something, she is really confident that her parents will always back her up. This builds up her personality to be confident in herself; dare to think, to make her own decision, dare to take action and dare to admit failure and ready to fix it.

In the past, 40 years ago, there had not a nursery so she attended the pre-kindergarten call “Anubahn Suan Bua School located near her house when she was only 2.5 years.  Having gone to pre-kindergarten for a short period, she wanted to move to another school because of teacher, in her feeling, was fierce. Her mother was very worried about her that she would hate to go to school; thus her mother decided to move her child to Nattasin Samphan School. It turned out to be that she really likes this school because she was taught to Thai dancing and she knew herself that she wanted to be outstanding on the stage and be accepted and admired.

When she was 3 years old, her age old enough to attend kindergarten so she moved out of Nattasin Samphan School to Rajinibon and had been study since kindergarten to 12th grade. At that time, she said, it was very convenient for her to go school because it was not far from her home and it took only 15 minutes to get there.  Rajinibon is a woman’s public school not only having teachers paying close attention on every students but also her classmates including senior students which have been befriended more than 40 years until now.

Teenage life

            Siraprapa got an acceptance into both private and prestigious public university in Thailand that was Assumption University (ABAC) and Chulalongkorn University. She would like to study both of them; thus, she decided to attend both universities. If she thought that she could not make it, she would have to choose one of them. At that time, she certainty thought that she could do it because she studied in business school at both universities – actuarial science at ABAC and Management at Chulalongkorn University where offered the same compulsory courses. The only difference was that ABAC was taught entirely in English but Chulongkorn University was taught in Thai. Moreover, when she study for an exam, she could do it just only one time because both universities’ content were the same. Other thing that possibly made she attend both universities was that traffic condition, in the past, was much better than today’s. Finally, she graduated both Assumption University and Chulalongkorn University.

Life Aboard

            I often have opportunities to experience life aboard both family travel and studying language course at United Kingdom which Thais normally known as  “Summer” because Thai school system  semester ends in Summer. She remembered the first day she went to study. The first day of her arrival, she was totally awkward because every student was individually separated to stay with their own host family.  She felt so strange that she had to stay with someone she doesn’t know them before and she desperately missed her father and mother.  A few months passed, she befriended with some classmates and become enjoy life here. This was the beginning which encouraged her to speak English with confidence without being shy to anybody.

Pursuing Master’s degree was the serious part of her life aboard, she attended George Washington University at Washington D.C. to study MBA in international business which ranked as top three of USA. Obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and pursuing her higher education in MBA, she said that it liked a shortcut because basic subjects were exempt and she just had to study only 11 subjected in order to graduate within 1.5 years. After that, she had a feeling that she did want to come back to Thailand immediately; consequently, she enrolled in Extension School to study Human Resources for 6 months. She also added that when she writing her resume the name of “Harvard University” made her resume outstanding.

Compare with studying in Thailand, it was more difficult than study in a foreign country but foreign educational systems are highly accepted in the world including USA and UK. It would help get a better job opportunity, widen intellectual horizon, learn to adapt oneself and gain more potential to live the life with confidence and independent. Life at aboard was really enjoyable. Washington D.C was a tourist city where subway located under her apartment so it was very convenient for her to commute to other places.  There were lots of her friends studying in other states always come visit her and during her break she went out of state.  During her visit to Thailand, she had to leave her key because her friends came to her place while she was in Thailand. The last six months at Havard University, Boston, was lovely because both cities she lived in was a big cities so she had engaged in many activities in the city.

Working life

            After graduating, she was very picky in choosing job. She firstly considered the location of the company. If it located in the highly traffic congestion area like Silom or Sukhumvit, she would not take that company into account. Then she choose the well-known company she feel proud of herself that she was part of the famous company when she exchanging business card to someone. She had high confidence in selecting job position and she always apply for a position that overqualified. She thought that it was a challenging.

It was easy for me to find a job. Part of it was that she graduated from prestigious universities both bachelor’s and master’s degree and she ace the job interview. When she went to job interview, she always prepared herself for that, present her story to impress the interviewer. Moreover, she hit the point when asked questions.

The first job application was that I register for a test at Ministry of Finance which is near her home. She got the first list then interviewed by Deputy Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Finance. However, the salary was not that high compared to private company which offered a job so she rejected that job. She was very pity that she won’t have a chance to work in a micro scope responsible for administrating a country. If she decided to get a job, she would be in high position.

She chose to work in private company instead. The first company is Telecom Asia Limited which turned to be True Corporation nowadays. After that, she moved to American Express before the CEO of Telecom Asia invited her to work at UTV affiliated with Telecom Asia which offered a service in cable TV. Then it became True Vision today. In that situation, the company proposed an offer to ask for a volunteer to resign. She was very confident that it was not difficult for her to find a job so she decided to resign and got remuneration instead. After resigning, she got to work at Central Trading before there was Head Hunter invited her to work with PTT NGD which is stock company between PTT and British Gas of England and Tractor Bell of Belgium which aimed to distribute natural gas to industrial manufacturer. Having a prospect chance to work in many big companies,  she got to know how to work systematically, work step by step, and be a well-rounded person including meeting smart people, exchanging opinion and learning new things. She admitted that companies that developed the most were American Express where everybody working here was a high potential people and high responsible. In addition, the working atmosphere helped her learn to take ownership in work. Other place is that Central Trading, a clothing retail, where she learned a purchase system, merchandise stock, sale management and document. All of task required with high attentive.

I DO Magazine

            Until 2004, she chose to run her own business in advertising by running magazine company about marriage planning and honeymoon traveling. In the first phase, she invested with her close friend but she, eventually, separated from her partner to make the same magazine by her own and invited advertising sale person to join her. She accepted that doing a business, competitor was inevitable.

Although what she had learned in the past which was not relevant to making a magazine, obtaining a degree in Business Administration could be used in different kind of business including deliver business strategy, financial planning and management. She went to the book store to find out what kind of magazines the market has then she analyzed business opportunity. The answer came out Magazine I DOWedding and Honeymoon. Lack of expertise and direct experience in magazine would not be the barrier but she enjoyed what she enjoyed of what she doing. Even she felt exhausted but she never give up. In this year, it would be the 13th year of magazine and would be grown in the future no matter how matter many press media shut down. She introduced her new magazine called I DO MagazineLife style and Family with the continuing marriage demand to family lifestyle and children care.

Life Perspective

            Todays, she turns 48 years old and had gone through many obstacles. Experience taught her to be more patient, to forgive herself, accept reality, live a happy life and to forget about the trivial matters in the past, especially something that last more than 3 years she probably thinks of them once in awhile. But one thing for sure she always remember is to focus on her works as she paid high attention to them and enjoys working with the help of her team and other people who held the same belief as her. Creating a magazine still has its charming and challenging at the same time. For her life, she still lives in a happy life and nothing changes that much since she was a child. She tries to make sure that there is a good time happens in her life.

In order to work happily, I needs to get all the tasks I didn’t like done as quickly as possible to get rid of them from my working life. I also listen to my inner needs, what I want to do and can I possibly make it; if I make it right away, it results from my pleasure and happiness. However, if I cannot for any reasons, I would talk to myself and estimate how much I can do to let life go on with happiness and self-sufficiency, Siraprapa added.


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