Sarawut brought Snail white to stock market, Make a billion in one night!  

Sarawut brought Snail white to stock market, Make a billion in one night!  

“Do day cream public company limited ” this name might not be well-known if you are not an investor but  with the name” Snailwhite” skincare products, definitely not only Thai women would say “WOW”.

In addition to well success of this 100% Thai brand in Thailand, the product is also popular in mainland China and neighboring nations.

Only 3 years after the brand was created, the company is holding sales up to a billion baht and keep growing up.This is a reason why “Sarawut Pornpatanarak “ is become a new face business man who built his own business by oneself successfully .

When Sarawut started creating the skincare product “Snailwhite” he focused on sales and marketing through online using the social media networks. To success in both sales and brand recognition !!

Considered as a popular brand in the online world who advances distribution of retail department store quickly by dedicating and advertising in any form for all marketing channels, including hiring a diva-superstar as a presenter. Making the brand is well-known in the broader and far abroad.

“Sarawut” said the success of “Snailwhite “thanks to his good partner. He invited talented people and experts in marketing which is a thing that he is unskilled. While the positioning of the product and the targets are also important, including the product advance research and development for sustainable growth and stable!!

These are all secrets of success that makes the “Do day cream” able to access the capital markets, using the money funding released business expansion up to 4,028 million baht!!


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