The Regent’s International School: Bangkok, One of the leading schools in Thailand

The Regent’s International School, Bangkok is one of the leading schools in Thailand.

We are a day and boarding school for 2 to 18 year olds, passionate about developing the whole person through academic, physical, cultural and social experiences. We are guided by the British curriculum from the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) leading to IGCSEs although we go beyond it in many places. Post 16 we adopt the IB (International Baccalaureate) Diploma Programme.

Academic results are excellent; we score some of the best IB results in Thailand and South East Asia. Our students go to some of the best universities in the world and we have a fantastic extra-curricular provision. The school works hard to cultivate a friendly, happy family atmosphere whilst not shirking from hard work and high standards.

Our school vision and mission are closely allied to our status as a Round Square school; we are one of a worldwide network of innovative schools across five continents. Our approach guides students into becoming well-rounded, informed, responsible, principled and confident global citizens. We do this by developing international understanding, empathy and tolerance for all cultures; democratic governance and justice; environmental stewardship; adventure, motivating self-discovery and courage; leadership, with courage and compassion and service to others.

Our greatest accomplishments are measured in the successes of individual students. This will be places at Oxford, Cambridge and other great universities around the globe, world class scores at IB and IGCSE, fabulous concerts, plays and art shows, sports and a commitment to service to others.

Regent’s graduate are more than just successful students. They are a global network of high achieving, caring, global citizens.

Our vision describes what we achieve now and guides what we will achieve in the future. Our mission helps to define the schools, our objectives and our approach.


To bring out the best in everyone.


To guide students into becoming well-rounded, informed, responsible, principled and confident global citizens.
To develop understanding of democratic governance; environmental stewardship; adventure, self-discovery and courage; leadership, compassion and service to others.


Our high quality learning environment is typified by:

  1. First class, well qualified teaching staff
  2. Outstanding holistic teaching and excellent facilities
  3. Positive, stimulating and differentiated learning
  4. Enriching curriculum and an excellent co-curricular programme
  5. Thorough assessment and tracking of progress
  6. Supported transition through the Key Stages of school
  7. Positive, rewarding and efficient English speaking environment
  8. Intercultural, international and national understanding
  9. Effective development of information technology skills
  10. Creating the home of well rounded leaders of the future


Students at Regent’s International School, Bangkok have an excellent reputation for their behaviour and attitudes in and out school. The school works closely with every individual to help them behave to the highest standards. This approach is defined and promoted though a Conduct Agreement that is signed by every Secondary School student and parent. The same values are also promoted in the Primary School.

The Conduct Agreement made between students and the school

At all times our students promise

  1. to never intentionally harm any other person or bully another person,
  2. to act as a role model for younger students,
  3. to uphold the good name and reputation of the school through their behaviour,
  4. to respect the privacy, opinions and beliefs of others,
  5. to show respect and courtesy to all members of the school community,
  6. to be punctual and polite,
  7. to wear their uniform in a well presented fashion,
  8. not to make any public displays of affection,
  9. not to bring into school or use cigarettes, alcohol or drugs,
  10. not to use any item of technology in an inappropriate or offensive way.

For further information, you are welcome to visit or contact the school at any time.  


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