Pita Limcharoenrut | Co-Founder of CEO Agrifood Ltd.,

My Success is to write a new heritage

My success is not just to continue but, to create a new value.

Pita Lim Jaroenpan, enthusiastic-young executive with a degree from Harvard and MIT and co-founder of CEO Agrifood Co., Ltd., has stepped into agricultural business circles at the age of 25 to continue his father’s dream who had suddenly passed away and left hundred-million debts. However, those issues have never been problems or obstacles for his working. Because of his intention to make rice, Thai heritage product, globally popular and his seeking for knowledge; he is remarkably being able to bring back the success to his business. It took him only 3 months to settle the debts and became the owner of billion business exporting rice bran oil. At present, he has fully become the third leading producer of rice bran oil in the country and the fifth in the world.

Even though Khun Tim studied aboard for many years, he has strong relationship with Thailand.  

My father loved Agriculture and Thai style of living. We have learnt all these things since we were young and certainly believed in the potential of Thai agricultural products. From my experiences abroad studying and working, it was to push myself into different knowledge-built area and to realize foreigners’ perspective towards local materials’ value and potential of material from Thailand. Seen as gold found in the land, rice- for the example- is called the country heritage and ancient-respectable culture growing along way with Thai people’s life style. All these ideas have widened my point of view about this business value and keened on adding value to Thai rice bran. One thing I am definitely certain about myself is my knowledge on rice bran oil.

Age is not obstacle to my business management.

Back in the day when I was 25, hardly nobody put any trusts on me. Besides, I didn’t start from zero but minus. I kept asking myself if I was conscious enough, strong enough. After my mind was at peace at some point, I started to pull myself together and solved the problem one by one at the limited time. The items left in the company were all sold to pay off the debts. Finally, I decided to borrow the money in order to continue my father’s business using my knowledge and ability to access the information. From what I have known and studied, I have found out that our materials are much more ready than what foreign countries have. Thai people back in that time didn’t really know what rice bran oil is. The business on the innovation of rice bran oil extraction were also barely emerged causing less competitors. I realized that my family’s business could be worthy. Besides, the world’s trend was about to keen on what we were doing- trend for health.  

Rice bran oil- international product of Thailand.

If we know how to create the value, image and differences for the existing materials, I believe we can go on. Besides, my business today is successful. In our country since the past, production has been in a form of “do more but gain less” while there is “do less but gain more” in foreign countries. For example, when I was an internship in cigar factory, Cuba; 1 roll of cigar was worth equally to our rice sold for 1 Ton. In New Zealand, they have transformed grape into expensive wine or in Italy, olive oil production have been turned into high-end products.

Rice bran oil is one of the products wanted by many countries. It is also called olive oil of Asia with different benefits provided such as a part of biodiesel, supplementary food, cosmetic and a part of Animal Feed Industry. I have chosen to continue my father’s business and turned them into products for health because market size for healthy food is globally worth as high as 1.8 trillion Baht causing the higher value of products from rice bran oil.

What is considered your success?

My success today is I am being able to develop what I have received. I am so proud that I can bring what my father loves to the successful level and add value to rice bran which is become products for healthy market and well-known among new generation. Who could imagine that rice bran which used to be hogwash would have potential to become global products and make the country become well-known. What I have in mind for the next step is I don’t want my success to stop where I am now, but to continue endlessly as I believe that what we have now are truly worthy.

Credit: platformofsuccess.com

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