Why do the people in Thailand have to stand and bow in the theatre before the movie comes on?

Why do the people in Thailand have to stand and bow in the theatre before the movie comes on?

Since I remember, TITANIC’ is the first movie I watched with my parent in the cinema. Before movie began, everyone was standing up for in front of a particular picture followed by a music video. I did not understand that. Why this circumstance took place in the theater? How king and film were related?

Later when I studies my BA in communication, the advisor took a trip to Film Archive

Salaya, Nakhon Pathom. It was a place that gathered a memory of a relationship between the people of Thailand and the science of film in the country, and here, I found the answer to my question – “Why do people stand for the national anthem before the movie?

“Movie” became known to the Thai people during the reign of King Rama VI (Rama VI), which matched the time of World War 1. At that time, communication technology was ineffective. The only way to get people informed is to gather them into a massive group- up to a hundred- in the same place to be given announcement-which was a theater. It was like watching television news, but difference was theater could distribute more precise information- voice and sound- much better than a small television where only a small amount of audience can be gather in front of it to receive news. This approach was called “movie news”.

So film commencement  in Thailand was initially for distributing news on a canvas rather than a projecting a story for entertainment. Then some might suspect “and how the anthem in the movie theater get involve?”

That was because the only bureau in that era that could hold any news announcements was a government bureau under King’s supervision and King had absolute right the communicate news through main media, and to listen to King’s announcement, formal ceremony is required that audience needed to stand with respect to the king.

Then, why does the standing-up ceremony appears before the movie, instead of the end nowadays?

To answer, it’s because current media isn’t created for news announcement anymore, instead it was mostly developed for entertainment or for social criticism. Also, many people choose not to wait for national anthem which come after movie’s end credit, therefore the anthem has been projected before movie begins.

Credit: senseonfilms.com

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