Ornaments & L”or where Thai ornamentation is designed from “Silk-Feng Shui”

Ornaments & L”or where Thai ornamentation is designed from “Silk-Feng Shui”

At present, there are many styles of ornamentation design for customers to choose. They will be able to shop more according to what lifestyle they prefer in creative and unique way. Today, our De Life team will introduce you to the ornamentations of 2 well-known brands creating a different design among fashion ornamentation field. We believe it will be pleasant to a lot of people.

Let’s take a look at the ornamentation where Thai identity is designed to become contemporary, but Thaily beautiful. Thai silk ornamentation, Ornaments & L”or brand, is rewarded DEMARK AWARDS 2016 from Department of Export Promotion and GOOD DESIGN AWARDS 2016 from Japan.

Aom-Supatjana Limwong, the owner of Ornaments & L”or brand, stated that “The beginning of this brand was my own desire; but still had no idea of what to do or which way to go. Once I got to know Thai silk shop where clothes are tailor-made, I thought that I wanted to create the ornamentation as it is related to the field I have studied. I started with the parcel experiment; checking which forms the parcel can become. Then, I finally developed them to become Thai silk ornamentation.

Every 3 months, our brand will introduce new color and design of all items; necklaces, earrings, rings. Even though the target group for Thai silk is normally adults, our target group we set is going to be teenagers until working people.

Aom-Supatjana added that “I want this brand to become more well-known. At present, we have focused on consignment with some orders mostly from the tourists whom I want to convince how beautiful and valuable Thai materials are. This is because some Thais have some bias over Thai silk because they think silk is for old people. For myself, it is not just silk as we can design other materials to become more interesting”.

Credit: prachachat.net

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