MONEY CAFE PINKOO more than a pawnshop

What makes MONEY CAFE PINKOO more than a pawnshop is to give the best respond to customers’ lifestyle.

Among the dynamic driving the current economy, it is undeniable that every business needs the adaptation to respond to the changeable customers’ needs. It is the same to a 40 years old Pinklao pawnshop, Borommaratchachonnani Elevated Highway around the entrance of CentralPlaza Pinklao. It is nowadays well-known as Money Pinkoo with unique Brand Identity which has never occured in this kind of industry before.

“At present, we attract more customers with modern lifestyle to our pawnshop, for example, SME business owners, groups of teenagers who want a fast access to money and groups of employees in the position beyond company managers. Some of them are with the need to take a look and buy unredeemed items” said Khun Chusak Tangled-Sampan, the director of Money Cafe Pinkoo.

Building different identity creatively

Besides him as a director, his sibling, Khun Wasinee Tangled-Sampan is helping him in the position of another director. They both are the new generation of directors who realize the importance of brand building I order to support more new generation customers. They started with the Re-Brand by changing the name to Money Cafe Pinkoo pawnshop along with design of a new logo using identity colors of black, pink and gold. It is, therefore, more modern and easy to be recognized with the brand building slogan of “Life Style PawnShop”.

“Once the time has changes, the needs of customers have increased. To stop at the present success is not acceptable. If you ask me why I have to come up with brand and renovate the shop, it is from how I like to travel. One thing I realize is that all kind of businesses abroad see brand as an important issue, no matter how popular they are; well-known shops or street shops. Brand is not just to talk about beauty but it reflects the intention of a business to create the best experiences for its customers. This is the main point to let me think that it is time to do something with my grandfather’s 40 years old business to satisfy customers’ lifestyles better” Khun Chusak Tangled-Sampan explained more.

To renovate the whole building is one thing as a change. With the elegant, modern and different design, it is to create more Lifestyles feeling and harmonize with life of people in new generation.

DNA is to pass on the happiness to everyone.

To communicate such intention to respond to customers’ lifestyles, corporate advertising films such as SME, First Jobber, Manager and Family were launched for direct communication with customers.

“Besides communicating with all target groups, I always focus on the best hospitality the customer get from the beginning; they will meet the staff providing the warm welcoming since the first step they take into the shop and receive premium gifts on the day of service” underlined the director.

All mentioned above are just the first step of the change made in Money Café Pinkoo. In the near future, Khun Chusak is planning to build more online content or business Campaign to respond and support new generations’ lifestyles. There are 3 points to focus as follows;

“1. Smart is to create fast financial opportunity. 2. Trendy is to access all financial-need lifestyles. 3. Stable is to create financial stability using long-experienced profession. All 3 points mentioned is a hope for our customers to run their businesses smoothly and make their dreams come true fast. We believe that smart financial transaction will decrease money problems and make our customers’ everyday lives happier”

Money Cafe Shop

Moreover, Money Cafe Pinkoo pawnshop have received more attention from the need for unredeemed items. The customers have put a trust in our items’ good quality and reasonable prices such as jewelries or various brand watches. This is where new idea of Shopping Content comes from; the shop to sell unredeemed items known as Money Cafe Shop at Siam Square Soi 3 to satisfy the shopping lifestyles and make customers’ travel to the shop more convenient.

“All items in Money Cafe Shop are well-chosen and guaranteed by the shop to be in excellent quality including pre-owned brand-named products. There is also the coffee bar with all kinds of drinks in the service for customers during their tour in elegant atmosphere of the shop. This is to hand over shoppers the special experiences and new lifestyles”.

The thing the directors have emphasized is the branding which will be best passed on by putting their spirit and self-identity in work content. To make the brand this time have come from their own passion to create new and unique identity creatively in important term of “drive” pawnshop industry in the respond to currently-changed customers’ needs.


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