‘LadyKit’ Self- check Cervical Cancer Test Strip will expectedly be ready in next 2 years

‘LadyKit’ Self- check Cervical Cancer Test Strip will expectedly be ready in next 2 years !

A development team is working and researching on ‘Ladykit’ ,self-check cervical cancer test kit. It is expecting to be available in the market in the next few years, and aiming to sale at pharmacies for THB 500.00 each.

Chawin Danmatarm, director of Bionanomer Co., Ltd., assures this product is undergo developing phrase, it takes at least 2 years to launch to the market. It is started from the workshop in Startup 24 class, corborating by Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Chulalongkorn University.

All the team member has discussed and realised the problems for health system in Thailand, especially, Cervical Cancer screening. Hence, the team  decided to develop the kit that helps to find HPV, the main virus causes Cervical Cancer for Thai Women.

“We would like to make it happens, we took this concept to Thailand Dedicated MedTech Startup Competition 2017 project and then Startup Thailand League 2018, it is still a Proof of Concept phrase, but I hope it will be ready in 2 years time” Chanwin added.

The main researcher is Asst.Prof. Kiattawee Choowongkomon, Ph.D., Chemistry Department, Kasetsart University, supported by Miss Supaporn Klangprapun. Asst.Prof. Kiattawee Choowongkomon, Ph.D., is a consultant for all the competitions, and also the CEO of Bionanomer Co., Ltd.

Chawin stated that this research is being focussing on finding high risk virus which causes Cervical Cancer more than 70% globally, for example; HPV 16 and HPV 18 viruses. Not only high risk virus, this kit can detect low risk virus as well.

How it works, just put urine to Test Strip, wait for 10 minutes, that is it! If the result is positive, then thoroughly inspection will be needed. Chawin remarks the launching price at THB500.00, it will be sold at pharmacies around the country, also, departmental stores. Nevertheless, the most important thing to concentrate right now is developing the right product and the marketing strategy will be focussed later on.

Credit: hfocus.org

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