KMILT Set To Open CMLK University in 2018

KMILT Set To Open CMLK University in 2018

Thai students need to prepare themselves … King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL) accelerated the establishment of CMK University in Thailand as the center of quality human resources, having the ability to work to support the Thailand’s development.

CMLK University will be opened in 2018

On November 7, 2560, Prof. Dr. Sukashvir Suwannawat, President of King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL), has revealed that  the Cabinet meeting (Cabinet) has agreed on Carnegie Mellon University of the United States to established in Thailand under the name of CMKL University in cooperation with the Educational Institute of KMITL.

Carnegie Mellon (Carnegie Mellon University) is a private university located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania State, United States and founded in 1967 by the Carnegie Institute of Technology and the Mellon Industry Research Institute. Carnegie Mellon University is a famous university in computer science, computer engineering and performing.

Dr. Theerakiat Charoensettasin, Minister of Education and Executive Board of KMITL, visited Carnegie Mellon University to discuss the university establishment plan in order to be able to manage teaching in 2018 by providing Electrical and Computer Engineering in Master’s and Doctoral degree and Software Engineering in Master’s degree. The university will be extended to other courses in the next academic year.

In the early December, Prof. Dr. Suchatchart continues that the Executive Board of Carnegie Mellon University will come to Thailand to discuss with KMITL and survey the construction site to check the progress of the university. KMITL also provides the detailed information on curriculum and management structure.

In addition, the KMITL and Carnegie Mellon University also cooperate in other fields relevant to the development of Thai education development such as Collaborative Research. All research projects will employ faculty and researchers from the University of Carnegie Mellon together with world-class universities. Both Thailand universities and private sector collaborate as a researchers and knowledge transferring network to create research and innovation opportunities in business, including development of Thai economy and society. Exchanging of professors and researchers to develop faculty members (Faculty Exchange) and to exchange of experts is the one of developments of Thai human resource according to global standard and to make Thailand to become a research and innovation in South East Asia region creating confidence for investors and multinational companies to establish research and development center of advanced production.

For a long-term cooperation plan, the university setting goal of Thai and national education will be achieved is to produce at least 100 doctoral students, 250 master’s degree students, upgraded the quality of Thai teachers and researchers to world-class standards, create a research project for innovation or commercial potential. The university also creates platforms and networks for teachers, researchers, students and companies to gain knowledge and experience with world class faculty and researchers It is believed that this cooperation will enhance knowledge and skills of the modern world in all sectors not only education, but also service and digital business, logistics, transport, embedded robot and automatic mechanical control. These are those fields that KMITL ready to be the leader.


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