KFC sells 244 branches in Thailand to full franchise mode

KFC sells 244 branches in Thailand to full franchise mode

KFC Thailand sells the last 244 businesses to transform and develop the brand into 100% franchise mode, which is aligned with parent company policy. Modifications to focus on administrative efficiency, brand development and innovation.

Mr.Wuku Kane Assosrat Kul: General Manager of KFC Thailand, Yum Restaurant International (Thailand) Co., Ltd. revealed that Yum has designed to sell last 244 KFC branches- that 130 of which had previously been sold to RD, with all transactions expected to be completed in September.

Yum’s announcement has been made to more than 270 employees and more than 10,000 shoppers as well as suppliers

Based on the KFC’s 3 stakeholders’ managing direction, they will invest approximately 1,035 million baht for adding 52 branches this year and another 700 million baht as for marketing budget- aiming to expand to 800 stores nationwide by 2020. When the franchise business succeed, they will stop investing and hands on managing procedures to all franchise’s owner.

Same strategies will be implied to KFC bramches in foreign countries like Australia, England, Canada, South Africa as well. All of which have been successful and heading to a good direction. Besides, this sale announcement has attracted attention of number of investors.

Source: marketingoops.com

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