Kamm Kulkornpat : The only Thai actress for “The King and I the musical”

Kamm Kulkornpat : The only Thai actress for “The King and I the musical” at West End Theatre

“It is unbelievable, and I am proud to be the first Thai cast to take part in West End shows”

Kamm expresses her overwhelming feelings, at the age of 29, she is a daughter of famous singer, Tippawon Pinpibarn, she tells us about how she becomes so successful in world class musical show at West End Theatre in London.
Currently, she is one of the casts for The King and I, classical musical show which has been showed at first time in Broadway, New York, USA since 1951.

Main Actress with world class production

The King and I shows at London Palladium theatre, and Kamm is selected to play as understudy a.k.a. backup actress for “Tabtim, the main actress for The King and I, on August 18th, she was chosen to be “Tabtim” for 2 rounds because the main actor could not make it for that day.
“I cannot believe it, I’ve got a message around 10 a.m. telling me that the main cast was sick, and they needed me to be prompt right away, and that day I had to be on stage for 2 showtimes. I quickly gathered things together and  reviewed play scripts, I had limited time to get myself ready before the shows ” Kamm added.

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Kamm did not want to be musical cast when she was a child, but her mom is her inspiration as well as she is a singer, Kamm absorbs this art without knowing it, and becomes so successful today.
“I never wanted to be a singer, I was a shy kid, always denied to sing” but things has changed when I studied in high school. Kamm and her friends formed choir singing group, and did some stage performances, finally, she decided to enroll in the Faculty of Fine Arts at Chulalongkorn University, majoring in Western Music which gave her chance to learn how to sing especially Opera, she graduated with  a degree, first class honors, gold medal in 2011.
After graduating, she was chosen to play for “Four Reigns The Musical” directed by Takonkiet Weerawon, she acted as a supporting actor, next year, she was selected to play as the main role of “Kim” for “Miss Saigon The Musical”, Thai version.

Pursue her dreams to West End

After Miss Saigon, Kamm was selected to play for Katiya The Musical, as well as a number of songs she produced, but she still wanted to improve her skills, so she decided to enroll a master’s degree in musical at Guildford School of Acting of University of Surrey, UK’s leading performing arts institute, in 2015.

2 years to West End

Kamm received tremendous experiences by studying in UK, all the musical casts  want to be part of West End theatres or either Broadway theatres in USA as well as Kamm.

It was not easy to be part of West End, you have to know someone or agencies, it always closed news even “Audition” round. Kamm graduated in 2016, an agency called her for audition of Miss Saigon Musical directed by Cameron Mackintosh, famous world class musical director for both West End and Broadway. She was selected to play as Ensemble, and Miss Saigon Musical was performed on stage throughout the UK, and her contract just ended early 2018.
In the same time, she joined the musical audition for The King and I, and she was selected to be part of the team, and it has been showed since June till September 29th this year. In order to play the roles in these 2 professional musicals within 2 years, it does not take only her abilities but also timing and chances which were given to her.
What an experience!

This 2 years was given her so much with precious experiences to work with professional teams.
“It is absolutely inspired me not to stop developing my own skills in all sides, seeing emotion transmission, and interpretation, it was not done right there, it needs wholeheartedly study before you practice on the stage… this is how you become a professional”

Musical shows is her life, never fade

Kamm knows the musical play is what she loves to do and happy to show, it never fade, but it cannot be a permanent or stable job as it depends on the contract for each show.
Moreover, her family also wants her to come home to continue family business, also she wants to settle since she just tied her knot down.

“Thai kids are very talented, and become more and more professional, sometimes it really depends on timing and luck. I want to see young Thais to follow their dreams, you have to put all the efforts into it if you know what you want to do, if you feel discourage, talk to yourself, listen to your heart if that is what you really want to do….just do it”
“It is important to know your own strengths and abilities and make it happens, do not forget to try singing, dancing in other styles and always improve your skills, last thing, do not stop learning” if you have a strong passion, nothing ever stops you from reaching your dreams… Kamm added.

Credit: bbc.com

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