Inspire English: Innovative way of English learning

Inspire English: Innovative way of English learning

If memorizing vocabulary or reading grammar does not help improve your English speaking skill, it’s time to change! … Inspire English Institute is where you can speak English accurately and fluently.

Live Teaching 

We offer small class side so that every student get their best chance to practice their communication skills with teachers. Also, students’ evaluation can be done real time while teacher conducting activities in the class.

Problem Solving
Don’t worry if you have problems speaking English, lacking confidence, thinking in Thai, and missing vocabulary which leads to incomplete sentences. Our professional teacher team help unlock your mindset individually.

Learn English Naturally
If you have trouble speaking English, try listening and using English every day. It’s the big secret to learn English well. With our short course, we guarantee that you will soon be fluent in English.

Learning By Doing
We don’t teach you to memorize grammar. But we teach you how to use it. Get ready for the innovative teaching method which you can learn grammar and vocabulary through speaking real-world English.

For more informaiton, please contact 086-445-9536


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