Sasathorn Charoenphan, the only Thai archaeologist at MOLA

“Indiana Jones” inspired Chiangmai girl, the only lady archaeologist at Museum of London Archaeology (MOLA)

“As as Archaeologist” who most of us would not know what kind of job is all about, and some might think this career will not be able to comfort your life.  Despite its difficulty, Sasathorn Charoenphan; small, tiny, talkative girl from Chiangmai, Thailand who thinks differently and prouds of her career which fascinates her since she was young. She keeps following her dream and becomes an archaeologist at MOLA which is 1 of 5 leading archaeology organizations in London.

Sasathorn tells us about her career aspirations started since she was a child after watched the adventurous movie called Indiana Jones and the comics called  Crest of the Royal Family. They provoked her passionate about history. “I knew I love this thing since I was not even reach 10 year olds yet” Sasathorn talks about her backgrounds with her cheerful face even though she just finished working at one of the ancient military camps in London. Her passion since childhood never faded, she entranced and passed the exam to study at Faculty of Archaeology at Silpakorn University with the supports from her mom all along.

Thailand to England…

After graduated from university and been working in Thailand for a while, Sasathorn decided to move on and live her life in England. At the very first stage, she could not find any jobs, and she had not been employed for months. She scattered her resume around wherever and whatever she thought she could do. Without any discouragements, Sasathorn has been accepted as a volunteer at the museum, waitress, stadium caretaker, also, gallery assistant which gave her a chance to take care of National Maritime Museum, it is history of navigability of England, and this job has given her lots of English history. Finally, she has been offered to be an archaeologist at MOLA.

How does the archaeologist work in England?…

Sasathorn also told us that any new constructions or buildings which will be built in England, the land owner needs to acquire archaeologist to explore that particular piece of land, and if that land has a very high archaeological value, the government will announce that ancient remains or antiques to be preserved as national heritage.

“It is the law and it is unavoidably, if any of it were destroyed it will be replaceable. For example; if the land has graves buried under, what are you going to do if the skull falls out, things like this can not be evaluated” said Sasathorn.

Team leader…

Sasathorn has been working as archaeologist in England for more than 10 years, she has been respected by her colleagues, and appointed as MOLA archaeologist leader. It consists of working with people from different nationalities, most of the time in the fields, moreover, she has a chance to visit and work in the world most heritage places such as ฺ Buckingham Palace, archaeological places in Lebanon and Qatar.

Happiness is a key to success….

Sasathorn thinks by searching, going after your dreams are much more important than the amount of money you have earned from the work you have done. As an archaeologist, it gives the lowest incomes and the most hard working career. “I would like to see anyone to find what you are really want to do, do what you love, seek for your dreams, the happiness happens when you do what you love. Being successful in life is Happiness, do not let anyone tells you that you have/have not succeeded, do not compare yourself with others.” said Sasathorn.

Most of all, Sasathorn hopes she can continue her career in archaeological field and it would be great if she could use her knowledge and experiences in sharing with Thai students back home.


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