Index Living Mall allies 4 influencers for 2018 Home Décor Trends

Index Living Mall allies 4 influencers for 2018 Home Décor Trends

“Home” is one out of four basic human needs and home décor helps to make your house looks nice and reflects your styles. Home décor trends in 2018 are varies; Firstly is Wood, it makes you feel warmth, relaxed and smooth feelings, thus, more and more people are into wood decorations. Secondly is Smart Home, some of us used to anti-theft system, air-conditioning system, light system and all other electronic gadgets but it will be replaced with Robot in the near future which make our lives easier. Moreover, the Flexible Housing allows homeowners to reconfigure the interior space in order to accommodate their needs , freedom and lifestyles, especially for the young generation (Gen Y).

After seeing these trends, Index Living Mall develops its newly home décor innovation program which suits young generation lifestyles such as Ital Smart, Smart Closet, and its functions can be modified to fit your satisfaction.

Adding into that, Index Living Mall offers 3D Designer Specialist by professional designers to meet your requirements such as area measurement, free 3D home design sketch up program which help homeowners to see the overall picture and calculate costs and expenses before making any decisions. Also, Index Living Mall comes out with 4 influencers marketing strategy to tell their own home décor styles.

Sleeping Beauty; Yard – Yardthip Rajpal, bedroom is her safe haven with relaxing atmosphere, so sleeping is the best relaxation. She spends most of the time at her condo that is why bedroom is the ideal resting area to watch movies and read books. If you are looking for desired bedroom just come to Index Living Mall and get the best deal.

Everyday is Relaxing Day; Tao – Sattaphong Phiangphor who loves outdoor activities, and prefers to have front yard for his own house in order to rest and play sports. He likes to play football with his friends and goes to gym, if not, he would spend his time at home listening to music, playing games, watching youtube, and playing with his dog. His favorite space must be decorated with variety of furniture and decorations.

Secret of Gentleman; PK – Piyawat Kempetch falls in love with clothes and accessories, clothing is not just one of the basic needs but it turns out that dressing well can actually make you more successful in work and life, therefore, PK thinks highly of the dressing room, as he stays at a condo that has space limitation and it needs a good floor plan with built-in furniture, the result of that, PK chooses Walk-in Closet for his dressing room with high clothesline to hang his suits, accessories box with key card system, functionally dressing table, also LED light system which helps to clearly see all his clothes and accessories.

Be Stylish Be Chic; Oh – Hathairat Charoenchaichana, a former singer of Futon Band, she is a confidence lady who spends most of time at home reading. She prefers a wide living room, decorates with few furniture and mainly in black, white and brown colors combination. Oh loves warm colors and loose furniture is an ideal, so, her living room always lively because it can be modified whenever she likes.

Index Living Mall is ready to listen to  your home decor inspirations, follow us on 2018 Index Catalogue at

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