HSSD initiates Isolation Wheelchair Preventing Airborne Transmission Disease

HSSD initiates Isolation Wheelchair Preventing Airborne Transmission Disease

Health Service Support Department (HSSD) develops Isolation wheelchair with HEPA filter in order to prevent and control the spread of infection in hospital-based services focusing on safety and reduction the risk of infection from patients.

Dr. Prapas Chittasirinanuwat, Deputy Director-General of the Health Service Support Department, says that there are a large number of patients admitted into the hospital daily which causes the spread of contagious and infectious disease in the hospital. It may cause the risk of the spread of disease from respiratory and contagious disease which impacts on patient’s and client’s health, and hospital staffs working in the hospital.

Health Support Service Department (HSSD) sees the importance of controlling airborne transmission disease and referring infectious patients between departments; thus, HSSD develop “Isolation Wheelchair” with HEPA filter designed to fit patient’s aid equipment or risking areas to prevent and control airborne transmission disease in the hospital which gives priority to safety and reduce the risk of infection from patients.

In the past, the wheelchair has been tested at Lamlukka Hospital, Pathumthani. The result shows that patient is able to breathe easily and comfortably, to control flow of air, and to prevent the spread of infection effectively.

Dr. Prapas further states that the Mobile Isolation Wheelchair designed by The Medical Engineering Division, Health Support Service Department (HSSD) works effectively in preventing and reducing airborne transmission disease from patient, and provide confidence to patients and healthcare professionals operating in the hospital.

Hospital interested in Isolation Wheelchair can ask for more information at Medical Engineering Division, Health Service Support Department by 02 149 5680-91 etx. 1383 on working days.

Credit: www.hfocus.org

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