Good reasons to study at Wall Street English!

The world is full of people who have dreams – dreams of a successful career, dreams about moving abroad, dreams about traveling to far off places. What’s First step to pursue those dream if not starting with speaking English!

As an English content writer, number of people ask me how can I communicate using English with  efficiency or why am I so confident speaking English with those English speaking speakers or even how am I able to understand or catch what those foreigners say with their  natural speed. I simply say that ‘It starts with your courage of not fearing making a mistake when speaking English’- and the follow up question of how can I be so confident- comes along the way LOL!

Speaking English isn’t that scary if you only follow the way you speak Thai!!

At Wall Street English, they help you improve your English implementing ‘natural language learning procedures’- which are the way you learn to speak Thai from your parent, and that’s exactly the same way Farang learns to speaking English as well!

‘It starts with your courage of not fearing making a mistake when speaking English’

Here are reasons to support why WSE is claimed BEST PLACE TO LEARN ENGLISH!


Total English environment

You learn best when you’re in the environment where you’re encouraged to speak the language. At Wall Street English we designed the facilities with modern multimedia outlets and English speaking staff that will make you feel like you’re part of the modern English speaking world.

Small Class Sizes

You don’t have to worry about studying in an overcrowded class. We are unorthodox. We care about you as an individual learner and therefore we put you in a small class with the people who are at the same level as you. This way you will feel more comfortable to speak English confidently and make new friends.

Start at Your Level

Get your placement test before you begin with our analysis system that will show the level of your English proficiency. Once you start learning at your level you will experience a more constructive way for improving your English, which comes with an incredibly relaxing feeling.

Flexible Study Hours

No more missing classes. You can adjust your time as you wish and can study any day, any time, at your convenience.

Qualified Native English Speaking Teachers

You will study in encounter classes with our internationally certified native English-speaking teachers.

Check out Wall Street English – best Language school where you will find English is a piece of cake 😀


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