English Learning Reinvented with Cleverlearn

English Learning Reinvented with Cleverlearn

Founded in 1999 in Santa Monica, California, USA, Cleverlearn Ltd. is a leading provider of English learning solutions focused on addressing the problems that today’s professionals have to hurdle in picking up English as a second language.

Cleverlearn leverages the widespread use of technology in modern everyday life by working across multiple platforms – from web to mobiles, from PDAs to movie DVDs – to deliver and reinforce English instruction.

In doing so, Cleverlearn takes advantage of the ‘learning time’ that individuals have throughout the day by making its services conveniently available and accessible. Lack of time or opportunity to study becomes a thing of the past with Cleverlearn.

Cleverlearn creates personalized learning accounts that ingeniously tie together seemingly distinct customer contact points to provide a consistent, continuous and personalized learning process that relates to the user’s current needs and experiences.

At present, Cleverlearn is serving hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide. The company has also set its base in Hong Kong to be closer to the expanding Asian markets knowing the growing importance of learning English in the region.

Cleverlearn operates schools and English learning centers, in Vietnam and China, incorporating completely the Cleverlearn method of learning and putting into practical use Cleverlearn’s technology-based learning tools and services. The schools provide a veritable ground to prove and improve the effectiveness and practicability of the Cleverlearn method.

English Learning Tools Accessible Anytime, Anywhere

Cleverlearn provides English learning tools and solutions that are convenient and accessible through various technologies or media – like the Internet and movies.  Cleverlearn also values your time and understands the demands of your career and the other aspects of your life.  That is why we have designed and created English learning tools and online English courses that you can take at your own time and at your own pace, wherever you are.

With Cleverlearn, lack of time and opportunity has ceased to be a roadblock to learning, and you can learn English online and through other convenient approaches.  We offer a great alternative to going to any language school or taking Business English courses away from your comfort zone.

Learn English Online or Via Traditional Approach

Cleverlearn has developed CleverCourse, which is an effective way to learn English online.  CleverCourse offers online English courses that concentrate on basic English grammar and vocabulary for daily conversations. We also have Business English courses that focus on business terminologies for corporate communication.

These online English courses consist of various levels designed to meet the varied English competency needs of learners.  We recommend that you first take Cleverlearn’s online English test, free of charge, in order to know or assess your competency level and take advantage of the appropriate and suitable online English courses or Business English courses and programs for you.

If you prefer to learn English through the traditional approach rather than learn English online, Cleverlearn has physical language centers. We have English schools located at key cities in Asia that boast of modern learning facilities and offer English learning tools or courses based on a sound, unique and accredited curriculum.

Franchise English Schools

Cleverlearn also welcomes offers to franchise English schools . Franchise English schools from Cleverlearn and have the chance to manage your own English learning facility utilizing our ready curriculum and applying our customized training approach. Franchise English schools and help others embrace English as a second language.

Movies as English Learning Tools

For those who want to combine learning and entertainment, Cleverlearn has developed Movielearn.  Movielearn is a fun and enjoyable alternative to taking online English courses or to studying English at a language school. Movies are effective English learning tools in that you get to incorporate relaxation and learning. Movielearn allows you to learn the English language as you need it and at your own pace.  With Movielearn, you don’t only sharpen your speaking and listening ability, but you also get to familiarize yourself with the most commonly used English idioms and slangs.

TOEIC Preparation Course

The Test of English for International Communication, or TOEIC, is a pencil-and-paper, multiple-choice test that measures English comprehension, speaking, writing, and reading skills that are used in everyday work interactions. Businesses worldwide rely on the TOEIC exam to measure the English language proficiency of non-native English speakers in an international business environment.

The Cleverlearn TOEIC preparation course is especially designed to help you improve your score in the TOEIC exam. Cleverlearn has partnered with TOEIC Deutschland, the German division of the Educational Testing Service (ETS) in Berlin. This partnership aims to support English learners and TOEIC examinees in achieving their goal to communicate well in English in the global professional environment.

Cleverlearn’s TOIEC preparation course offers exercises developed to strengthen a learner’s listening and reading comprehension, provides immediate and thorough feedback for correct and incorrect answers, and offers a simulation of the real TOEIC exam.

credit: cleverlearn.com

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