Department of Mental Health Improving Nurse Specialist’ Potential in Child and Adolescent Mental Health

Department of Mental Health Improving Nurse Specialist’ Potential in Child and Adolescent Mental Health

Department of Mental Health is trying to strengthen registered nurse network, renew knowledge and learn new innovation to handle complicated Thai children’s and adolescents’ mental health.

Dr.Samai Sirithongthaworn, deputy director of Department of Mental Health, stated after the guest of honor opening the seminar on Nurse Specialist Network’ Potential Development in Child and Adolescent Mental Health at Centara Government Complex Hotel & Convention Centre Chaeng Watthana Bangkok (held during 21-23 June, 2017) that from the state of society and situation of change in present time, there is an increasing competition on knowledge and technology causing excessive expectation on children. Besides, there is a decrease in virtue, ethical behavior and morality standard or level in society causing the children and the young to live in society with unsecure and unsafe feelings as they have to face new challenges which tend to be difficult and dangerous towards their living. Therefore, the problems occurred tend to be more severe and complicated.

From the study and data collection on children and adolescent situation in Thailand in the period of 5-10 years, it has been found that there tend to be many about-to-be problematic situations. The access to modern communication via either phone, computer or internet is one example, there are the inappropriate uses as well as imitation or impetuous behaviors. This has caused mental health problems and poorly made growth for children and the young.

As such problem is seen important, Sqn.Ldr.Boonruang Triruangworawat the director of Department of Mental Health, has assigned Rajanukul Institute to develop Nurse Specialist Network’ Potential in Child and Adolescent Mental Health. It is for specialists in Child and Adolescent Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing to be able to closely take care of child and adolescent with complicated problems all over the country. At present, there are 16 classes of 636 nurses from 396 organizations who already graduated from the Program of Nursing Specialty in Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Nursing spreading in all Area Health. There are 8 Areas providing nurse specialist in all provinces and 4 Areas that cannot cover all provinces such as Area No.1 in Lampang and Phrae, Area No.5 in Samut Songkhram, Area No.6 in Trad and Area No.12.

Even though there are nurse specialist in Area Health, there are only a few of them in some area where the area covers the whole province. Besides, some of them have graduated from the program for quite a long time plus there are new modern tools and innovations coming out. Therefore, renewing the knowledge as well as learning new tools and technology are necessary in order to strengthen nurse specialist network which will bring about effective and up-to-date response to children and adolescent’s mental health problems.

This seminar happened for 3 days during 21-23 June, 2017 with 250 participants. There will also be an honor guests such as Dr. Pansak Sugkraroek giving a speech on Sexual Development, Ph.D. Nuanchan Jutapakdeekul from Neuroscience Institute, Mahidol University giving a speech on Management Thinking Skill and Learning Readiness in Children as well as Work Shop to Children Mental Health skill and specific knowledge Development.


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