The debut of Rado DiaMaster Grande Seconde

The debut of Rado DiaMaster Grande Seconde                       

Once we go back in time of the 90’s, the word “high-tech ceramic” played the significant role in creating new stand of Rado brand. Nowadays, Rado is defined as “The Master of Materials”. If people think of the watch with ceramic body and strap, Rado must have been the first brand popping up in many people’s minds. In 2017, Rado has launched such watch in line “DiaMaster Grande Seconde” which is an old-styled dress watch with brown and blue dial.

In 1962, Rado Diastar was falsely believed to be Rado’s first ceramic watch. This watch was in fact made from Tungsten Carbide; a metal used to make cutting tools or drill bits providing high level of hardness and durability to any scratches. With non-stop development of Rado to step over the limitation of engineering, Rado Ceramica with both ceramic body and strap was launched in 1990. That was the important step to make such almost-perfect durable Rado watch’s dial. In 1993, cermat was used to make Rado Sintra which was a mix of titanium to remove weak point of ceramic fragility. Cermat is the compound word combining between ceramic and metal. In 1998, plasma surface treatment was used to create Rado’s ceramic watch with various colors and metal-liked polish.

With the decade of development, Rado is now confident with its materials used and calling itself “The Master of Materials” which has been approved by LWQP. The reason of Rado’s choice on materials has created the most outstanding watch among other watches at the same price.

For line of DiaMaster Grande Seconde, Rado debuted three classic watches filled with the feeling of confidence in 2016. Let’s get excited with high-tech ceramic bodies of this model’s two buddies. With Its 43-millimeter diameter, there comes along the white, brown and grey watch’s dial painted with Clous de Paris and mixed its elegance with perfect calf strap cutting.

The latest DiaMaster Grande Seconde collection of 2017 have come with two colors dial; brown and blue which is new from this collection. The reason is that there is an increasing popularity in blue as other brands as well have placed an importance and debuted many new watches with blue dials. Besides, its difference from model of 2016 is the Sunray painting on the watch’s dial.

All watches from both Rado DiaMaster Grande Seconde collections of 2016 and 2017’s prices are set the same at 101,700 Baht.  They all are for sale at   the leading department stores and dealers around the country.


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