IKEA has no condition on age, announcing to hire seniors for part-time positions as a 63 years-old has been put in the record for the oldest to work

IKEA has no condition on age, announcing to hire seniors for part-time positions as a 63 years-old has been put in the record for the oldest to work.

As there has recently been a high rate of competition in retail business such as shopping malls and community malls, there is the great increase in employment in service business especially when shop staffs working daily from 10.00-22.00 and merchandisers working before-after shopping malls’ operation hours are needed for such business. Moreover, as Thailand is stepping more into senior society, IKEA which is about to open its new store at the beginning of 2018 is announcing to hire up to 250 part time positions (after hired 80 full time positions earlier) without conditions on age, education and working experiences.

As IKEA’s policy is to offer job opportunity to local people in the area of IKEA operation, its job description focuses on the consideration of 3 important elements as follows;

  1. Attitudes according to 10 IKEA’s values.
  2. Having interest in home decoration.
  3. Having service minds.

Khun Sirawee NuangSri, Deputy Store Manager at IKEA Bang Yai stated about the interesting issue on part-time labor market that “before, we selected the staff using group interview to discuss if each applicant’s character matched our existing value. So, we ended up having potential staffs with the interests in home decoration and service minds. Our strength is payment of 64 Baht per hour which is quite competitive in the current market. However, what we give our part-time staffs more is welfare equivalent to regular staffs which attracts quite a number of applicants. Another point we need to add to our staffs is the ability in English as we are international company, from time to time, hiring foreign boss, some staffs or store managers. So, communication is essential because of the varieties, the opportunities to grow in other fields or even foreign branches. Nevertheless, we have provided English classes and the practice during working hours with foreign colleagues”.

Working hours for Part-time positions in IKEA is flexible; the total working hours in one week can at least be 12 hours with the notice of dates and time to the boss in charge. There are students working part-time with IKEA since high school year until 4th year in University and senior people. The oldest ones are two 63 years old working in warehouse and food departments. The one working in warehouse started of his career as a part-time and now he is the regular staff. Moreover, there are 9 staffs over 55 years-old working at Bang Na branch.

Khun Sirawee talked about senior staffs that “many people might think that seniors are slow in technology or learning. With our selection process, we have chosen staffs who love to consistently learn. That is why our 63 years-old staff working with us for 5 years never gets tired of learning; when we ask him to learn works from other departments, he will always be enthusiastic and willing to do what he’s asked”.

The tendency to hire seniors is currently happening around the world, like IKEA in other countries especially developed ones. In South East Asia, Singapore is one country that has many senior employees in working fields.

Credit: www.brandbuffet.in.th

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