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MW Clinic has provided different concept by gathering new treatment innovations from around the world supported by the study results and researches including integration medication. It is to create the best practical result both to prevent and to give a treatment. Its concept of thinking includes the solution to the cause of the sickness rather than the medicine used to stop the sickness. The medicine use is believed to bring side effects as a cause for other diseases.

Here is both health and beauty center focusing on inside to outside with the use of new innovation which step outside the box of traditional treatment. It has believed in treatment guidelines from scientific researches mixed with modern technology and various fields of knowledge to create various kinds of service and cover all needs; from health care, sickness treatment as well as beauty care using anti-aging medical science not only to treat the surface but to arise the beauty from the cells inside.

The solutions are to find out systematically from laboratory diagnosis results with the help and efficiency support of specialists and modern technology such as cells and organs degeneration check by ES TECK scanner to prevent and slow down the degeneration, completed detoxification service to detox and remove a heavy metal from the bloodstream (Chelation), Colon Hydrotherapy to remove residuum in colon in order to increase absorption, balance good bacteria and arouse better body system as well as Liver Detoxification to remove chemical and toxic substances from the body. Moreover, this clinic provides vitamins through vein such as liver essential vitamins, body care vitamins for people with stress, chronic fatigue, low immunity and special skin care vitamins by the clinic.

There are also other services such as Live Blood Analysis with quick analysis and solution results, Lymphatic drainage with Ozone Massage and Infrared Wavelength to relax muscles, stimulate blood circulation in the skin and restore the skin as well as Pelvi Center from Germany to help women with want for Kegel Exercise without repair surgery or women with urinary incontinence and uterine prolapse problems and men with erectile dysfunction and benign prostatic hyperplasia.

It includes other alternative medical sciences such as Massage Therapy, Tendon Massage, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Onsen bathing and salon using rich Carbonic to excrete toxic from hair and head skin as well as to clean hair roots in order to stimulate circulation which help in hair roots nourishment and better nutrient absorption. Live Cell Therapy is also used to repair and restore cells. In addition, there are Anti-aging Medicine which not only care for health but also beauty. It is a choice to create beauty at cells level rather than roughly restrain cells degeneration only on the surface. All these services can comprehensively treat most Thai’s main health problems.

This is the same situation for Dr. Ice-Dr. Patrada Pramot Na Ayuttaya, the manager on wellness at MW Clinic who suffered from popular disease among women. She is here to pass on her own story.

“I had a problem with Chocolate Cyst. I suffered every time I had my period. I had it for a long time since I was in school. I thought it was normal because I normally caught a pain every month. When I got a chance to do the Ultrasound, I found that I had Chocolate Cyst behind the uterus around colon causing stomachache and backache. This is because hormone during the period inflated the Cyst. The pain and the inflation would go away once my period is gone. It was always like that.

I used to solve the problem by taking painkiller or birth-control pill to adjust my hormone. I didn’t really like it that way because I know that there are risks taking birth-control pill like cancer or abnormality in blood coagulation. I didn’t really take the treatment seriously.

“Until one day, I got really bad stomachache and I got fainted while taking a shower. That day I was the only doctor there. I had to inject myself with painkiller medicine to keep working. I was so scared that day because it was a really bad pain. If it was fallopian tube tubatorsion, I had to be under surgery. While I was lying down with pain, I was thinking about who would be my substitute doctor and I might have to call my senior doctor to do the surgery.”

It was a breakpoint for her to get up and revolutionize herself. She seriously started to study hormone equilibration and look for various medical sciences to solve such problem.

“I have learned that to balance the body is the best solution. It is not just to take pills to kill the pain. Even we take pills every month, the pain will never go away. We have to take it for the rest of the time until the period is all gone. To solve such a consequence is not really helping. Here at MW clinic, we have been using all kinds of sciences to help. I myself started from taking vitamins to balance hormones and body through vain. I did the Close System Colon Cleansing to boost up vitamins absorption and body immunity system.

I have also been doing the vitamins Customized. It is not to take a whole lots of vitamins anymore because here we make suitable vitamins for each individual. With the quality check from lab, it will tell what each person lack of, what kinds of vitamins each person needs and for how much.  We make it suitable for each one. It is unlike the previous traditional way of arranging each type of vitamins by pills. There might be too much for some or some might have to take a whole lots of pills. Most of problems women have to face and concern about, besides the period pains, include “hair, skin and body” which is a source of dream beauty. Here at MW clinic, we provide all services to respond to their needs.

“About hair and salon service, we have hair wash using soda or carbonic acid with head massage. It is to detox hair and stimulate blood circulation resulting in better hair and skin health as well as decreasing hair fall and white hair. For skin, we provide chelation therapy giving vitamins and detoxing liver to make the skin more bright and glowing. OZONE therapy is also provided. It is to have ozone in blood encouraging cells to exchange oxygen and arousing body immunity system.

For body shape, you will be helped with suitable diet-exercise program and vitamins to take for metabolism and dietary control. There are also lifting massage and lymphatic drainage massage which is the mechanism to effectively metabolite. The popular program here is colon detoxification helping with constipation problem and providing many benefits.

No matter if it is the popular disease among women like period pains or 3 elements of body care “hair, skin and body”, you can find out the answers to your problems here at MW Clinic located on Ratchadaphisek Road, opposite side of Ayutthaya Grand Hotel. Open from Tuesday-Sunday 10.00-19.00. It is suggested to make an appointment in advance at Tel. 0-2276-5093-4 or 09-6081-2533.


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