Navin Tar confessed to silently marry Namwan, A high-class girl, in August at Samui island

Navin Tar confessed to silently marry Namwan, A high-class girl, in August at Samui island

The confession was finally made after netizen’s long various suspicions and guesses. Navin Tar or Nawin Yaowapholkul was recently met at Filorga VIP Club Platinum AwardsFilorga Clinic Thailand at Chadra room 3, 2nd floor, Siam Kempinski Hotel and admitted that

“We met 3 years ago, when this clinic was just opened. First, I was invited to try out the service and I came to like it. That was why I always visited the place. Then, we got to know each other and kept on chatting. I am impressed by everything in her; her smile. Many people said it was such a flashy wedding which I would say no because it had been a while but I hadn’t had a chance to tell any mass media. After I got married, there was a lamentation of Thai people leading me no desire for party to celebrate. It was likely uncompleted becoming the silent wedding. However, you can call it the silent one since I didn’t invite many guesses except our intimate friends.”

“Some people said I kept a secret. I totally understand media’s consumption of what was going on resulting on news in various ways which were mostly untrue. Today is considered a chance to say and I will say once to make it clear that we already managed a wedding which was small and private at Samui island in August last year. There were only close friends and our family members as witnesses so we can be called husband and wife legally and properly.”

“The reason why we did make an announcement because we saw it unnecessary and we didn’t think it would call this much attention. I feel thankful that everyone gives me a lot of attention so it is a chance for me to tell. In my opinion, what we do is personal things and we have no idea it would end up a big deal. Everything is already done and now I am living as a married man.”

“I have been trying to have a child since the wedding. I am sure I won’t let any of you down. However, we haven’t come to an agreement yet. Namwan wants a son and I want a daughter because I feel that a daughter is such a cry-baby type. We will choose natural way as we both are healthy.”

The wedding party celebrated on this coming 25 March, Tar said that “the party will be held on 25 March. I would say it is really a private one as it is not a wedding but a party. There were many seniors wanting to congratulate us on the previous wedding but they couldn’t make it because of the long distance. Therefore, we will manage another one in order to thank those kind seniors and let them come for a congratulation. I’ve assigned Khun Kong Piya as an my party organizer.


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